Story by REDintern Joy Poon. Photos by REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan

Both teams come together at the end of the match to exchange handshakes. (Photo 1 © REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan)

Both teams come together at the end of the match to exchange handshakes. (Photo 1 © REDintern Nathiyaah Sakthimogan)

Hougang Sports Hall, Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Raffles Institution (RI) cut it close with their 2-1 win against the Innova JC and Yishun JC combined team (IYJC) in the National A Division Floorball Championship.

RI’s Rene Siu (#14) and Koo Hong Hui (#16) scored the two goals for the winning side, while IYJC’s Mizan Qistina Bte Masnawi (#23) scored a goal in the first period.

This brings RI into the semi-finals with a 4-1 win-loss record, having only lost to the team from River Valley High School.

The IJC/YJC combined team concluded their season with a 2-3 win-loss record.

IYJC’s only goal came early in the first period at 3 minutes 58 seconds, by IYJC’s Mizan Qistina Bte Masnawi (#23).

Then, it was RI’s turn to score. Rene Siu (RI #14) managed to intercept the ball after a poor pass from one of IYJC’s players and capitalised by lifting the ball high into the goal.

The first period also saw RI’s Niu Siwen (#55) agile in gaining possession of the ball and using any open window she had to try and score, but IYJC’s goalie Angie Peh (#6) was just as nimble.

RI’s goalie Jacqueline Tan (#33) performed well when she caught attempts by IYJC, and wowed spectators when she reacted promptly by swinging out her leg to stop another attempt.

RI’s Koo Hong Hui (#16) managed to score in the second period soon after one of IYJC’s players starting pass got intercepted.

With a one-point advantage over IYJC, RI’s players switched mostly to defending in the last period. The third period saw more action as players on both sides could be seen scrambling making last-ditch efforts for their team. RI was in the precarious situation of risking a draw if IYJC scored another goal.

With less than a minute left, IYJC’s Alicia Neo (#18) made an attempt that was blocked by RI’s goalie Jacqueline (#33).

However, RI maintained their defense with RI’s Ser Wen Yi (#4) intercepting the ball from an IYJC attack close to the goal with just 30 seconds on the clock left. Their interception was met with loud cheers from their supporters. They could finally relax when the match ended with them maintaining their 2-1 score.

Score by Period
1st Period: 1-1
2nd Period: 1-0 (2-1)
3rd Period: 0-0 (2-1)

Rene Siu Kap Khei (#14) – 1 goal
Koo Hong Hui (#16) – 1 goal

Mizan Qistina Bte Masnawi (#23) – 1 goal

RI Roster
Andrea Lim Zhi Xuan (#11), Chirin Soh Chen Chi (#38), Chloe Yeo Shee (#21), Chong Jo-En (#8), Ella Tan Ray Ing (#17), Hur So Hyun (#39), Jacqueline Tan Hui Juan (#33), Kimberly Soon Ye Ching (#10), Koe Chua Jia Ying (#34), Koo Hong Hui (#16), Lee Jia Qi (#28), Liew Ray Yee (#15), Lim Zhi Yu, Kimberly (#30), Lim Zi Wei Adele (#7), Maegan Ng Yingrui (#32), Nadya Chua Tynn Sze (#91), Niu Siwen (#55), Rene Siu Kap Khei (#14), Seah Shi Lin (#74), Ser Wen Yi (#4), Teo Jemima (#22), Toh Wyning (#9)

IYJC Roster
Matilda Ho Jin Xin (#3), Peh Ern Jee Angie, (#6), Clarice Goh Ruoxuan (#7), Brittany Kan (#14), Alicia Neo Tsin Siang (#18), Nurul Syazwani Bte Johari (#4), Mizan Qistina Bte Masnawi (#23), Shum Lin-Chih, Renee (#16), Yong Minhui (#13), Tan Shannon Sonia (#31), Valerie Ng Ke Ying (#85), Lau Ying Xuan Rachel (#95), Tan Hui En (#24), Levona Lee Xin Ye (#98), Tan Jie Yi Lois (#22), Faith Kwan Yee Wye (#21), Siti Nursyafiqah Bte ??? (#11), Siew Woon Li, Valancia (#28)