Story and photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

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Syed Hussein (#307) of Victoria Junior College reacts after winning the A Division boys’ 800m final. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Friday, April 6, 2018 — Victoria Junior College’s Syed Hussein, known more for his long distance prowess, took a shot at the 800 metre event and topped the A Division boys’ field to win his first gold medal of the National Schools Track and Field Championships.

“I’m thankful that I got the win today because I did lose a little bit of motivation along the way,” said Syed who was nursing an injury prior to the start of the season.

The second-year student had to push his way through the pack in the first 100m, before he broke free and led comfortably.

“It was a pretty messy start, and thankfully I managed to push through.”

While Syed had hoped to complete a treble of distance titles this year, his injury and sixth-placed finish at the schools cross country meet has redirected his focus.

“It was a bad loss, but I didn’t let that get to my head and managed to do decently well today,” said Syed.

“It’s nowhere near my personal best, but thank God for the W, because the most important part of nationals is the colour of the medal and not the timing.”

Syed will also be competing in the 1,500m and the 4x400m relay, which he hopes to medal in.

In the B and C Division category, Singapore Sports School bagged both golds, with Harieharan S/O Durairaj and Shan S/O S Anandan of Singapore Sports School winning their respective races in 2:08.35 and 2:10.92.

A Division Boys’ 800m Results
1st: Syed Hussein B Syed Negaib Aljunied (#256, Victoria Junior College) – 2:00.49
2nd: Oliver Lim [#83, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)] – 2:01.68
3rd: Nicholas Lian (#131, National Junior College) – 2:02.02
4th: Nedunchezian Selvageethan (#164, Raffles Institution) – 2:02.47
5th: Philip Wong [#91, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)] – 2:04.29
6th: Kauthar Amed Basharahil (#128, National Junior College) – 2:05.50
7th: Jethro Sim (#151, Raffles Institution) – 2:05.57
8th: Chua Kay Wee (#186, St. Andrew’s Junior College) – 2:06.07

B Division Boys’ 800m Results
1st: Harieharan S/O Durairaj (#139, Singapore Sports School) – 2:08.35
2nd: Harpreet Singh [#193, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)] – 2:09.02
3rd: Brandon Sathe Thas (#574, Jurong Secondary) – 2:09.38
4th: Lim Yu Zhe (#582, Nan Hua High) – 2:09.59
5th: Amir Rusyaidi Osman [#183, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)] – 2:10.47
6th: Brandon Norton (#135, Singapore Sports School) – 2:11.67
7th: Peter Joey Abuy Ugay (#527, Hua Yi Secondary) – 2:11.80
8th: Irsyad B Mohammad Said (#140, Singapore Sports School) – 2:11.91

C Division Boys’ 800m Results
1st: Shan S/O S Anandan (#108, Singapore Sports School) – 2:10.92
2nd: Raam Kumar Muthukumaran (#106, Singapore Sports School) – 2:12.49
3rd: Harshen Koban (#383, Victoria School) – 2:13.62
4th: Jaren Yap [#154, Anglo-Chinese School(Independent)] – 2:14.20
5th: Mervyn Ong (#487, Nan Hua High) – 2:15.16
6th: Lim Jin Tao (#491, NUS High) – 2:17.34
7th: Tyler Chan (#192, Raffles Institution) – 2:19.70
8th: Kai Bhandari (#265, St. Joseph’s Institution) – 2:21.44

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