North Zone B Div Bball (Girls): Woodgrove outduel Sengkang on both ends in 61–13 victory

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Story by Lim Yi Fei/Red Sports. Photos by Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports.

Lacsado Shaniah Santiago (WG #4) in a triple-threat position as she surveys the defense. She had a game-high 20 points in the victory. (Photo 1 © Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Monday, February 12, 2018 — Woodgrove Secondary’s (WG) careful pacing of gameplay led to 61–13 victory over Sengkang Secondary (SK) in the second round of the North Zone B Division Girls’ Basketball Championship.

With this win, Woodgrove improved to a 1–2 win-loss record in the second round, finishing third in Group A with four points. Sengkang has lost all their three games so far.

Shaniah Santiago (WG #4) had a game-high 20 points while teammate Nurul Asha (WG #14) had 19.

Png Jia Ling (SK #11) led her team with six points.

With the opening of the game, Woodgrove were quick to set up their offence, running pick and roll plays for scoring opportunities to take the lead.

Sengkang, on the other hand, struggled on offence as they continuously missed shots in the paint.

The first quarter ended with Woodgrove leading 14–0.

Feeling the pressure of a 14-point deficit, Sengkang aggressively attacked the paint in an attempt to create good looks.

Unfortunately for them, Sengkang’s offensive game plan failed as they were constantly double-teamed in the paint and were forced to take low-percentage shots from the perimeter.

This allowed Woodgrove to control the momentum of the game and stretch their lead.

At halftime, Sengkang trailed 4–33.

Woodgrove would continue to dominate both ends of the floor, while catching fire from beyond the arc to fuel a 19–0 run in the third period.

With a 52–4 lead to start the final quarter, Woodgrove played at a controlled pace, minimising turnovers for easy fast-break points.

Despite trailing the whole game, Sengkang gave one last push and hustled hard for offensive rebounds and possession.

However, it eventually proved futile as Woodgrove’s huge early lead sealed the game at 61–13.

Guan Xueting (WG #6) said: “Our batch finally communicated in the court while we were playing. During our previous games, we were tired and lazy.”

“We should be less selfish and help each other out more as a team on offence and defence,” added Shannon Yoh (WG #5).

Natasha Koh (SK #10) said: “Our perseverance was good today. The point difference was steep but we did not give up. We can definitely improve on our defence and passing. We have to also slow down the game to play better.”

Scoring by Quarter
Woodgrove vs Sengkang

1st Q: 14–0
2nd Q: 19–4 (33–4)
3rd Q: 19–0 (52–4)
4th Q: 9–9 (61–13)

Top Scorers
Woodgrove Secondary

Lacsado Shaniah Santiago (#4) — 20 pts
Nurul Asha Affida Bte Akashah (#14) — 19 pts

Sengkang Secondary
Png Jia Ling (#11) — 6 pts

Woodgrove Secondary Roster
Lee Xuan Hui Meagan (#3), Lacsado Shaniah Santiago (#4), Shannon Yoh Xin Ting (#5), Guan Xueting (#6), Amanda Tham Rui Qi (#8), Jolene Tey Ru Jun (#9), Ruqaiyyah Aishah Laman Saed (#10), Poi Man Ning (#11), Siti Nur Syaheera Bte Abdul Razak (#12), Stella New (#13), Nurul Asha Affida Bte Akashah (#14), Nur Fatinah Noorul Haq (#15)

Sengkang Secondary Roster
Irene Irma Damayanti (#8), Koh Kai Qing, Natasha (#10), Png Jia Ling (#11), Teh Mei Yan, Amelie (#16), Han Cui Leng (#21), Oh Wen Lin (#22), Shaillaja D/o Chandrew (#30), Siti ZuliaKha Bte Zulkifli (#44), Nur Insyirah Bte Mohammad (#55), Lim Jia Xin (#88), Lim Chun Yan (#99)

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