North Zone B Div Bball (Girls): Ahmad Ibrahim beat Riverside 47–20 to qualify for semi-final

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Story by Lim Yi Fei/Red Sports. Photos by Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports.

northzone basketball round 2

Marilene Ang (#24) of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary shoots the ball against Wong Tian Chuan (#6) of Riverside Secondary. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Monday, February 12, 2018 — Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary (AIS) claimed a spot in the semi-finals with a 47–20 victory over Riverside Secondary (RS) in the second round of the North Zone B Division Girls’ Basketball Championship.

With this win, Ahmad Ibrahim improved to a 2–1 win-loss record in the second round, with their only loss coming against North Vista Secondary. They finished in second position with five points in Group B. Riverside dropped to a 0–3 record.

Dania Nah (AIS #4) had a game-high 24 points while Tee Hwei Xin (RS #14) led her team with 11.

Both teams struggled early on offence but Ahmad Ibrahim quickly got going with wide-open shots to take an early lead.

Try as they might, Riverside could not break through their opponents’ defence for high percentage shots in the paint.

Ahmad Ibrahim led 18–6 in the first quarter.

Ahmad Ibrahim extended their lead with good ball movement and backdoor cuts which led to wide-open under baskets. This good offensive run helped build a huge lead as their rivals were often caught wanting in defence.

At halftime, Riverside trailed 9–33.

Unwilling to go down without a fight, Riverside vied for every rebound and closed out aggressively on their opponents on every defensive possession. They fought with their might and refused to let their opponents have it easy.

However, in the second half, missed shots and turnovers resulted in an abundance of fast break opportunities for both teams.

Eventually, when Riverside got tired, Ahmad Ibrahim slowed the tempo and continued to wear out their opponents with quick ball movement.

The game ended with Ahmad Ibrahim emerging victorious with a 47–20 scoreline.

Ahmad Ibrahim’s Marilyn Yap (#8) said: “My team did well offensively. Our shots were going in today. However, our defence wasn’t as good. This resulted in the opponents scoring a lot against us compared to the previous games that we have gone through.”

“We have to move faster on defence and also improve our ball movement on offence,” she added.

Scoring by Quarter
Ahmad Ibrahim vs Riverside

1st Q: 18–6
2nd Q: 15–3 (33–9)
3rd Q: 8–2 (41–11)
4th Q: 6–9 (47–20)

Top Scorers
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary

Dania Ervianny Nah Wei Lin (#4) – 24 pts

Riverside Secondary
Tee Hwei Xin (#14) – 11 pts

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary Roster
Dania Ervianny Nah Wei Lin (#4), Nur Asyura (#5), Eunice Koh Shu Ning (#6), Jing Yi (#7), Marilyn Yap Shu Shan (#8), Nur Hairunnishah (#9), Damia Tarisyah (#10), Eunice Tan (#13), Chloe Toh (#15), Marilene Ang Jia Xin (#24), Chang Wai Chain (#25), Caren Chia Jia En (#49)

Riverside Secondary Roster
Lim Xin Ru, Chevonne (#4), Wong Tian Chuan (#6), Nur Nadia Natasya (#7), Lim Zi En (#8), Nurlissa Balqis Chan Diana (#9), Kimberly Chan Xuan (#10), Loke Jing Ying Ashley (#11), Kwok Zi En Therese (#12), Subhadha Vaithianathan (#13), Tee Hwei Xin (#14), Syasya Syafiqah (#15)

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