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NTU celebrate after Yuan Yuan (NTU #5) scored the winning goal against NUS. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

National University of Singapore, Monday, September 25, 2017 — Yuan Yuan’s (NTU #5) goal in the 81st minute helped Nanyang Technological University (NTU) regain its Singapore University Games (SUniG) Football Championship title which they lost to National University of Singapore (NUS) last year.

Said NTU captain Fatin Aquillah (NTU #10), “We had a goal in mind, it’s to win back the title we lost last year.”

NUS ended NTU’s nine-year winning streak with a 2–1 win in the final last year.

“In the final, I don’t think I can focus much on their performance as it’s the result that matters. I felt that we could have definitely played better like the previous rounds, but today one goal is enough to seal the deal,” said Herman, NTU’s coach.

NUS was seen to be the stronger team in the first half, with their forwards driving their opponents into defensive play.

Despite the consistent attacks, NUS were unable to find space to put the ball into the net.

A corner kick in the 81st minute saw Yuan Yuan (NTU #5) scoring the winning goal after goalkeeper Victoria Tan (NUS #8) failed to hold onto the ball.

Despite the loss for NUS, they felt that they had improved a lot during the competition.

G. Sivaraj, NUS coach said, “I think from the first game till now we have improved a lot and I thought we really did very well. I thought we were the better team. It is really commendable for the effort these girls put in to grow as a team.”

“I think at the start we were still trying to figure out how to play together as a team. Today, it showed that we have the capabilities to play together as a team,” said NUS captain Faith Oh (NUS #7). “Although it was a pity that we conceded the goal and lost the final, I felt that we played really efficient today. There was much more chemistry, more attacking plays and we did well.”

Both teams have qualified for the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Games together with Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) who finished third in the league.

NTU ended their season winning all five games played and scoring a total of 14 goals.

Score by half
1st Half: 0–0
2nd Half: 1–0 (1–0)

Yuan Yuan (NTU #5) — 1 goal

NTU Roster
Nur Syahida (#1), Solco Samantha Faye Duran(#2) Jasmaadiyah (#3), Lynette Lua Ying Xuan (#4), Yuan Yuan (#5), Ang Wei Xuan (#7), Tan Teck Min Abigail (#8), Chris Yip-Au Hew Seem (#9), Fatin Aqillah (#10), Pan Shi Yu (#11), Sarah Chu Mun (#12), Lee Zhi Hui (#13), Carolyn Angelina Chan Hui (#14), Hazel Yong En Li (#16), Teo Hui Si Charlene (#17), Nur Syafiqah (#18), Janine Lim Jiajia (#19), Syahirah Humaira (#20), Serena Bok Ke Li (#21), Bernice Lim Xiang (#23), Neo Jing Ci (#24)

NUS Roster
Lee Xue Ting (#1), Penelope Lam Pui See (#2), Sim Si Hui (#3), Saranya Thiru (#4), Izni Khalisah Abdull (#5), Louisa Lim Si Xian (#6), Faith Oh Ke Jing (#7), Victoria Tan Tien Tien (#8), Annie Lem An Ni (#9), Guo Yanru (#10), Abigial Sim E Xuan (#11), Joyce Foo Wei Wen (#12), Tay Pui Chin (#13), Wang Lin (#14), Chiok Hui Shan (#15), Aleefa (#16), Hanna Westerling (#17), Goh Ming Wei (#18), Tay Weijia Amanda Denise (#19), Chan Wan Wen Rochelle (#21), Nur Farah Sng (#22), Woon Ling Melissa (#23)

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