SUniG Bball (Women): NTU’s stifling defense sets up 70-31 victory over SIM

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Story and photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports

singapore university games basketball nanyang technological institute management

Amanda Lim (NTU #9) sees the opening and takes it. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

NTU The Wave, Friday, September 29, 2017 — Nanyang Technological University (NTU) defeated Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) 70-31 in the Singapore University Games Women’s Basketball Championship.

Heading into the game, it was clear SIM had the size and height advantage over the relatively smaller players of NTU. Recognizing that, the SIM players kept feeding the centers in the post as they were able to score easily there. SIM also had a strong interior presence defensively due to that and prevented NTU from driving easily for the basket.

Despite that, NTU were on fire from beyond the arc. They scored a total of 12 three-point shots with four each coming from Shermaine See (NTU #5) and Au Zi Yi (NTU #18), two from Amanda Lim (NTU #9) and one each from Woon Wei Jing (NTU #12) and Sheryl Ng (NTU #4). The sharp-shooting allowed NTU to stay ahead throughout the match.

“Our under-baskets were not falling tonight,” said Amanda (NTU #9). “So whenever we were open outside, we try the shot. If it goes in, it goes in. If it doesn’t, we just got to get the rebound and try again. Thankfully the shots went in today and I feel that the home-court advantage we had also helped.”

While that was the case, NTU were only up nine at the half. It was after the half when they stepped up their defensive intensity that eventually sealed the deal. Despite being outsized, the players hustled harder and closed faster on the driving lanes to prevent easy baskets from the SIM players. The stifling defense affected the rhythm of the SIM players and they started missing shots which were easily made earlier.

“I think as we have played with SIM for the past three years already, we are more familiar and know how they play. Even though they had the size advantage, our centers know how to deny and prevented the SIM centers from getting the ball. So we let their forwards and guards get the ball more and prevent them from capitalizing on the advantage they have,” said Amanda (NTU #9).

Amelia Lee (NTU #10) added, “We also made adjustments during the game. Even though we know our opponents from past experience, there would be changes to their plays also. So we took a while to get used to what they do. But once we got used to it, we improved defensively and was able to limit their shots.”

With momentum on their side, NTU continued to increase their lead and eventually cruised past SIM 70-31.

NTU continue their undefeated streak and now have a 4-0 win-loss record. They have secured a spot in the final regardless of the result of their next game against Singapore Institute of Technology. On the other hand, SIM and National University of Singapore (NUS) will be vying for the other spot in the final. SIM have to defeat NUS in their next game to secure their spot in the final.

Scoring by Quarters
1st Q: 16-14
2nd Q: 17-10 (33-24)
3rd Q: 16-02 (49-26)
4th Q: 21-05 (70-31)

Top Scorers
See Kai Ting Shermaine (#5) – 17 pts
Lim Zhi Yan Amanda (#9) – 17 pts
Au Zi Yi (#18) – 17 pts

Debbie Ngo Pei Shan (#12) – 9 pts
Zoe Eng (#9) – 8 pts

NTU Roster
Ong Sze Ming (#2), Sheryl Ng Xue Qi (#4), See Kai Ting Shermaine (#5), Barbara Ojeda Corominas (#7), Lim Zhi Yan Amanda (#9), Lee Yilin Amelia (#10), Jeanette Kee Yanru (#11), Woon Wei Jing (#12), Chen Jingyi (#13), Lim Boon Yee (#14), Yap Winnchis (#15), Foo Yuan Ru (#16), Au Zi Yi (#18), Lee Yu Zhen (#21), Yip Xin Yi Louise (#77)

SIM Roster
Loo Qiao Yun (#1), Chin Wan Qing (#2), Jacqueline Tan (#4), Lim Yu Xuan Melissa (#5), Panmeline Liew Choon Hwee (#7), Jowilly Siew (#8), Zoe Eng (#9), Lee Hui Xin (#10), Cherry Tan Yue Xuan (#11), Debbie Ngo Pei Shan (#12), Pauline Ang Siew Ting (#15), Quek Yi Xian (#17), Janice Ong Chin Hwee (#18), Foo Sze Ping (#23), Tung Kah Hui (#33)

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