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nus vs sit sunig football

Muhammad Ammar (NUS #10) scored the opening goal against SIT. NUS went on to beat SIT 2–0 to secure 3 points in the league. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

National University of Singapore, Tuesday, September 5, 2017 — National University of Singapore (NUS) scored a goal either side of half time to beat a wasteful Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) 2-0 in their opening match of the the Singapore University Games (SUniG) Football Championship.

Hosts NUS got off to a fast start, culminating in their first goal by Mohammad Ammar (NUS #10) in the 33rd minute. SIT failed to equalise with any of their opportunities on goal.

Joel Chong (NUS #4) scored a second for NUS in the 77th minute, shutting the door on any possible SIT comeback.

“I think we did quite well and it’s important that we got the 3 points to start this campaign right,” said NUS team captain Muhammad Syafiq (NUS #19).

Mistakes from NUS early in the second half almost proved costly, particularly since they also squandered several chances to extend their lead.

“We got a bit thrown off because we didn’t manage to score the goals in the first half, there were many chances, but we just couldn’t convert. We got a little frustrated,” NUS captain Syafiq added.

And SIT very nearly made them pay dearly. Mohammad Akidmuzhafar (SIT #19) narrowly missed in the 50th minute when he failed to direct his shot low enough. Then striker Matthew Tan (SIT #22) fluffed a sitter 10 minutes later when he was denied by the crossbar.

“Throughout the match, we were playing with similar standards,” said SIT coach Tee Tan. “However, we had a couple of good chances that we didn’t take. We didn’t convert on the two clear chances we had in the 2nd half, the opponent made full use of their opportunities and increased their lead.”

NUS will face NTU on Tuesday, 12 September, 7.30pm, while SIT will play against SIM on Friday, 8 September, 7.30pm. Both games will be played at NUS.

Score by half
1st Half: 1–0
2nd Half: 1–0 (2–0)

Muhammad Ammar (NUS #10) — 1 goal
Joel Chong (NUS #4) — 1 goal

NUS Roster
Leow Hong Wei Clarence (#1), Dominic Ho Wee Keong (#3), Joel Chong Yi (#4), Chew Zhi Wei David (#5), Joshua Tan Jyn Kit (#6), Muhammad Deferdauz (#7), Shamir (#8), Vengada Ramesh (#9), Muhammad Ammar (#10), Thorin Duffin (#11), Lim Yee Fatt Casper (#12), Hedger Christopher (#13), Ho Ren Yi Jonas (#14), Tham Kai Lun Josiah (#15), Lim Yu Jin Benedict (#16), Helja Havnes (#17), Muhammad Aqil (#18), Muhammad Syafiq (#19), Hilman Aqil (#20), Clarence Chan Jiale (#22), Santino Sheperd (#32), Quek Jun Ming Bryan (#36)

SIT Roster
Tay Wei Sheng (#1), Ahamad Zuhri (#2), Gay Horng Shyan Joshua (#3), Ahmaed Ashraf (#4), Lim Yue Ning (#5), Aidil Iskandar (#6), Wong Liangwin (#7), Afiq (#8), Ho Hong Kai (#9), Ilyasa Syakir (#10), Nicholas Lee Teck Shen (#11), Siok Xue Yuan (#12), Varrick Lo Yue Hao (#13), Riyadz Mohamed Rauf (#14), A Thinessh (#15), Muhammad Ridzwan (#16), Muhammad Hirzi (#17), Muhammad Nasri (#18), Mohammad Akidmuzhafar (#19), Ho Junyan (#20), Mok Jia Rong Jonathan (#21), Matthew Tan Yong Xin (#22)

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