NYSI Bball: ACS Oldham secure 83-60 victory over SUTD in season opener

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Story and photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports

NYSI bball Singapore university technology design anglo-chinese school oldham

Goh Zong Xian (ACSO #0) with the hesitation move against his defender. He had a game-high 21 points. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

SUTD Indoor Sports Hall, Monday, June 5, 2017 — Anglo-Chinese School Oldham (ACSO) secured the season-opening 83-60 victory over Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) Basketball League.

This is a new developmental league created by NYSI for polytechnic and university teams.

Both teams were off to a slow start. Despite several open looks, they could not knock down the shots. At the halfway mark of the first quarter, both sides started to get into a groove. They traded baskets but it was Oldham with the size advantage which allowed for several offensive boards and second chance opportunities. Oldham made use of these second chances to score and lead 15-11 after the first quarter.

The second quarter was dominated by Oldham. Sean Ong (ACSO #18) knocked down three three-point shots in a row to jump ahead. Oldham also played good tough defense on SUTD, giving them no easy looks.

Darren Goh (ACSO #0) had an offensive outburst, scoring 13 of his game-high 21 points. He drove in on several occasions, making the tough basket and completing the three-point plays to farther extend the Oldham lead. Darren Goh (ACSO #0) went on to knock down a pull-up three to beat the second quarter buzzer as Oldham led 44-21 at the half.

In the third quarter, SUTD came into the game with a new defensive strategy. They played full court press defense and were able to stun Oldham. SUTD forced several turnovers to score on the transition offense. Sun Pei Xuan (SUTD #14) made use of the turnovers to score 10 of his team-high 12 points in the third quarter.

However, whenever Oldham managed to break the press, SUTD were slow to recover and get back on the half court defense. This allowed Oldham to score easy baskets to maintain their double-digit lead at 63-44 at the end of the third.

Heading into the fourth, Oldham made use of their press-break strategy to break SUTD’s full court press and continued to increase their lead. With no answer for Oldham’s shooting streak, SUTD were unable to cut the lead. Oldham eventually took the game 83-60.

Captain Hor Wei Jie (ACSO #31) commented, “We are of different basketball background so the years of experience each of us have is different.

“Sometimes we encounter communication difficulty on the court as we see differently on how the offense should flow. But through this competition, it is a platform for us to accommodate to one another and understand and familiarize with each of our playing style. Knowing each of our playing style, we can improve as a team further and take down other teams as well.”

Scoring by Quarter
1st Q: 15-11
2nd Q: 29-10 (44-21)
3rd Q: 19-23 (63-44)
4th Q: 20-16 (83-60)

Top Scorers
Darren Goh Zong Xian (#0) – 21 pts
Sean Ong Shao Hong (#18) – 16 pts

Sun Pei Xuan (#14) – 12 pts
Xing Bo (#11) – 11 pts

ACSO Roster
Darren Goh Zong Xian (#0), Bryan Ng (#1), Donovan Tan Tjun Tjeng (#2), Ernest See Quan En (#8), Chia Chee Lip (#9), Sean Ong Shao Hong (#18), Wilfred Aaron Nathan (#23), Tee Hui Hung (#26), Hor Wei Jie (#31), Andy Ng Yu Sheng (#37), Ho Chee Mun Kelvin (#91), Cedric Sim Kuan Hern (#98)

SUTD Roster
Vincent Setiawan (#1), Bryan Lim Wei Guo (#2), Lim Hoong Ching (#3), Lim Qun (#4), Pang Hao Nan (#7), Lim Yi (#8), Caleb (#10), Delbert Felix Nurawan (#11), Terrence Lee Yan De (#13), Sun Pei Xuan (#14), Xing Bo (#15) Ryan Tse (#20), Michael Lee (#21), Pheeraphat Ratchakitprakarn (#24), Lam Teng Foong (#53), Xie Yu (#69)

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