Story by REDintern Beverley Goh. Photos by REDintern Low Zheng Yu

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Lydia Ang Zi Yi (NV #7) in the triple threat position. She had a game-high 16 points. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic, Tuesday, February 28, 2017 — North Vista (NV) Secondary dominated the last quarter to beat Yishun Town (YT) Secondary 46-41 in the semi-finals of the North Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Lydia Ang (#7) of North Vista had a game-high 16 points while Xie Muqi (#11) of Yishun Town led her team with 15.

The first period saw Jamie Chang (NV #3) and Lydia Ang (NV #7) give North Vista a 5-0 lead.

Nur Afiyah Bte Misban (YT #5) was a bright spark, stealing possession to score on a layup to lead her team.

The first quarter ended with North Vista leading 10-7.

Yishun Town managed to narrow the gap in the second quarter, taking advantage of turnovers. Xie Muqi (YT #11) scored the first 3-pointer for Yishun Town to close the gap.

Charlotte Lee (YT #4) scored both her free throws at the end of the second quarter to keep her team just two points behind (17-19) at half-time.

Poh Ke Hui (NV #4) closed the score gap to 23-25 with a layup before Yuki Kung (NV #3) landed two free throws to make it a 25-25 game midway through the third quarter.

It looked like a tied game at the end of the third quarter, but Poh Rui Han’s (YT #0) last-minute 3-pointer gave Yishun Town a 32-30 lead heading into the fourth.

North Vista outscored Yishun Town 16-9 fourth quarter, forcing Yishun Town to miss their 3-point opportunities and winning fouls off them to gain free throws.

Despite the narrow victory, North Vista captain Yu Kung (#3) said, “We played quite badly, and there were a few bad passes. We didn’t really try to snag the rebounds in the first few quarters, coming back stronger only in the final quarter. Fortunately, the strong defense we put up against the other team helped.”

Scoring by Quarter
North Vista vs Yishun Town

1st Q: 10-7
2nd Q: 9-10 (19-17)
3rd Q: 11-15 (30-32)
4th Q: 16-9 (46-41)

Top Scorers
North Vista

Ang Zi Yi, Lydia (#7) – 16 points

Yishun Town
Xie Muqi (#11) – 15 points

North Vista Roster

Tiong Zhi Wen (#2), Yuki Kung Zhixin (#3), Poh Ke Hui (#4), Kweh Jia Qi Joli (#5), Teo Zi En (#6), Ang Zi Yi, Lydia (#7), Lum Yi En Charis (#9), Nurruzinna Binte Rohaizat (#10), Ong Qian Ying, Nikki (#11), Chang Yoke Suan, Jamie (#13), Ros Ellisyah Nur Umairah (#14)

Yishun Town Roster
Poh Rui Han (#0), Charlotte Lee Li Xuan (#4), Nur Afiyah Bte Misban (#5), Gin Chong Manyun (#6), Junnie Lisa Putri Karni (#7), Nur Afifah Bte Misban (#8), Ong Xuan Yi, Mabel (#10), Xie Muqi (#11), Jennifer Chue Jing Wen (#12), Regina Kaw Zhuan Hwee (#13), Natasha Shoba Sivalingam (#14), Fiona Tan Yu Xuan (#17)

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