Story and photo by REDintern Low Zheng Yu

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Darryl Chan (BW #17) with the free throw attempt. He had a game high 15 points. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

OCBC Arena, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 — Bowen Secondary (BW) cruised past Woodlands Ring Secondary (WR) to win 67-24 in the North Zone B Division Basketball Boys Championship.

With this win, Bowen ended their season in third place in Group Y. Having won against Naval Base and Orchid Park and lost to Presbyterian High and Woodgrove previously, Bowen have a win-loss record of 3-2 in the second round.

On the other hand, Woodlands Ring ended their season in fifth place in Group Y. They had lost to Naval Base, Woodgrove and Presbyterian High previously with their sole victory coming from Orchid Park. This gave them a 1-4 win-loss record in the second round.

Bowen started the game with a fast-break which caught Woodlands Ring off guard. They tipped the ball forward into the hands of Nicholas Liew (BW #46) who scored the basket within the first 3 seconds of the game.

Bowen got to work right after that basket. The defense intensity was high, putting huge pressure on the Woodlands Ring players. This caused Woodlands Ring to fumble the ball which led to many turnovers in the game.

Bowen capitalized on the turnovers and converted them into fast-break points. This let them pull away and the first quarter ended with Bowen up 11-2.

As it was the last game of the season, Bowen inserted their second unit into the game. The second unit of Bowen held their own. They were active with their hands and legs which brought up the overall intensity of the defense.

Bowen’s second unit were also out-hustling Woodlands Ring. Although they lack the size, they managed to get many offensive rebounds which gave them second chances to go on the offense. This gradually increased their lead.

As the game progressed, Bowen managed to rack up even more steals which led to fast-break points. All of the Bowen players managed to score. Darryl Chan (BW #17) led Bowen with a game high 15 points.

As Woodlands Rings could not handle the defensive pressure from Bowen, Bowen’s lead kept increasing. While they tried to fight back, their shots would not fall.

Bowen went on to take the game 67-24.

Captain Daryl Chan (BW #17) of Bowen said, “I felt that we have defended well this game with our half court press. We got many stops and turnovers which lead to fast-break points. However, there were some bad passes as well which led to turnovers.”

“To the second unit, you all played better than us. Now it’s time to train hard and play better and go farther than us.”

Scoring by Quarter
Bowen vs Woodlands Ring
1st Q: 11-2
2nd Q: 14-5 (25-7)
3rd Q: 23-8 (48-15)
4th Q: 19-9 (67-24)

Top Scorers
Darryl Chan Jing Quan (#17) – 15 pts

Woodlands Ring
Tan Hann Ming (#10) – 5pts
Darryl Ong Jia En (#4) – 5pts

Bowen Roster
Melvin Jovan Gho (#0), Jacky Lim Chye Huat (#2), Avinesh S/O Sangaraju (#4), Jerome Soh Zheng Hao (#10), Lee Yao Hong (#11), Oh Hong Leng Lucas (#12), Ng Zhiyong (#42), Chan Jing Quan, Darryl (#17), Nestor Chua Jun Wei (#18), Clement Choo (#23), Darshan S/O Pragash (#24), Nicholas Liew Thai Kent (#46)

Woodlands Ring Roster
Ong Jia En Darryl (#4), Goh Guo Jun Jayvier (#6), Yong Fu Xiang (#7), Peh Jia Yu (#8), Koh Wei Le (#9), Tan Hann Ming (#10), Tham Hou Hin Shawn (#11), Eng Seng Kiat Anson (#13), Julian Pang Gui Fa (#14), Foong Wei Jun (#15), Ong Jian Hao Edwin (#16), Wong Gao En (#19)

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