Story by REDintern Beverley Goh. Photos by REDintern Low Zheng Yu

north zone b div bball bowen vs naval base

Darryl Chan (BW #17) gets open with a screen from Avinesh S/O Sangaraju (BW #4) and shoots the three. He had a game-high 18 points. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

OCBC Arena, Wednesday, February 15, 2017 — Bowen Secondary (BW) won their first game of Round 2 with a 55-40 win over Naval Base (NB) Secondary in the North Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Bowen had lost their first Round 2 game 36-39 to Presbyterian High. For Naval Base, this is first Round 2 loss after a 55-46 win over Orchid Park Secondary.

Darryl Chan (BW #17) had a game high of 18 points, while teammate Koh Wei Guan scored 12.

The first quarter saw Jovin Chua (NB #12) land the first three-pointer. However, Bowen had quick passing and good communication to give them a 12-7 advantage at the end of the first quarter.

Naval Base outscored Bowen 12-9 in the second quarter but Bowen still held a 21-16 lead at half time.

The third quarter saw Bowen starting out strong with Darryl Chan (BW #17) landing the first layup after getting a quick pass from Jerome Soh (BW #10).

Nicholas Liew (BW #46) then drove in and caught Naval Base off-guard, exploiting the space to score. The third period ended with Bowen holding a 35-24 lead.

A high-scoring fourth quarter saw Bowen outscore Naval Base 20-16 to wrap up the 55-40 win.

Bowen captain, Darryl Chan (BS #17), said, “We were motivated after our previous loss and even though our team won’t go through to the semi-finals, we were still pushing ourselves to work hard. Besides that, communication has really improved and we had stronger team spirit this time round.”

Scoring by Quarter
Bowen vs Naval Base
1st Q: 12-7
2nd Q: 9-12 (21-16)
3rd Q: 14-8 (35-24)
4th Q: 20-16 (55-40)

Top Scorers
Chan Jing Quan, Darryl (#17) – 18 points
Nicholas Liew Thai Kent (#46) – 12 points

Naval Base
Jovin Chua (#12) – 11 points
Koh Wei Guan (#8) – 10 points

Bowen Roster
Melvin Jovan Gho (#0), Jacky Lim Chye Huat (#2), Avinesh S/O Sangaraju (#4), Jerome Soh Zheng Hao (#10), Lee Yao Hong (#11), Oh Hong Leng Lucas (#12), Ng Zhiyong (#42), Chan Jing Quan, Darryl (#17), Nestor Chua Jun Wei (#18), Clement Choo (#23), Darshan S/O Pragash (#24), Nicholas Liew Thai Kent (#46)

Naval Base Roster
Darrel See (#4), Wong Jun Wei (#5), Lee Zheng Lin (#6), Saathiyash (#7), Koh Wei Guan (#8), Lim Xuan Le (#9), Gerald Oh (#10), Adlridge Kee (#11), Jovin Chua (#12), Daryl Ng (#13), Ajakannan (#14), Tong Qian Zhe (#15)

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