Story by REDintern Beverley Goh. Photos by REDintern Chua Zhen Rong


Kayzel Jip (PH #11) controls the ball against Deyi. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chua Zhen Rong)

OCBC Arena, Tuesday, January 24, 2017 — Deyi Secondary (DS) pulled away from Presbyterian High (PH) in all four quarters to win 53-14 in the North Zone B Division Girls Basketball Championship.

Koh Hui Xin (DS #4) had a game-high 14 points, with teammates Wai Sin Yin (DS #30), Preeyanan (DS #9) and Gwen Goh (DS #8) landing three-pointers.

The win gives Deyi a 2-1 win-loss record after they also beat Yishun Secondary 36-11 and lost 20-25 to Ahmad Ibrahim.

Presbyterian High fall to 0-3. Their other losses came against Anderson Secondary (18-31) and Yishun Secondary (14-25).

By the end of the first quarter, Deyi led 12-2. Deyi’s interception of the opponent’s ball was good, resulting in multiple turnovers.

“There was a lack of teamwork during this match, and we could have communicated a lot more during the game. Even so, we did persist and push through. What’s important is that we fight hard this season so that we don’t leave with any regrets,” said Presbyterian High captain, Ili Nasihah Bte Suhimi (#12).

The second quarter saw Presbyterian High attempting three-pointers, allowing Deyi to swoop in on multiple occasions for the rebound.

At half time, Deyi led 28-4.

Presbyterian High fought hard in the last two quarters, but Deyi’s defense remained strong.

A 10-4 third quarter and a 15-6 final quarter secure Deyi the win.

Teammates Jamie Goh (DS #6) and Seow Rui Xuan (DS #14) said, “We have improved from the previous two games and were better prepared for this one. Even so, there is always room for more improvement and our defense and passing could definitely be worked on.”

Scoring by Quarter
Deyi vs Presbyterian High
1st Q: 12-2
2nd Q: 16-2 (28-4)
3rd Q: 10-4 (38-8)
4th Q: 15-6 (53-14)

Top Scorers
Koh Hui Xin (#4) – 14 pts

Presbyterian High
Tan Wei Ting (#12) – 4 pts

Deyi Roster
Koh Hui Xin (#4), Jamie Goh (#6), Siti Nuraliya Bte Azman (#7), Gwen Goh (#8), Preeyanan (#9), Odelia Lim (#10), Jenny Kambang (#11), Shannon Ong (#12), Anne Ting (#13), Seow Rui Xuan (#14), Ong Ying Hwee (#18), Wai Sin Yin (DS #30)

Presbyterian High Roster
Lim An Qi Cheryl (#4), Tan Sheryl (#5), Lim Xing Nie Favor (#6), Chung Hui Ying (#7), Seo Jing Xuan, Andrea (#8), Tan Ann Peng Analise (#9), Tan Hui Ci (#10), Kayzel Jip Jing Yi (#11), Tan Wei Ting (#12), Caida Tan Xian Pei (#15), Tan En Xi Viwyn (#23), Ili Nasihah Bte Suhimi (#83)

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