Story by Thamim/Red Sports. Photos by Ryan Lim/Red Sports.

Sophia Ang (RI #9) holds on to possession.

Sophia Ang (RI #9) holds on to possession. (Photo 1 © Ryan Lim/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Wednesday, May 4, 2016 — Raffles Institution (RI) beat Dunman High School (DHS) 62-23 in the National A Division Girls Basketball Championship.

This is RI’s first win of Round 2 after coming out top in their Round 1 group. This improves their win-loss record to 5-0 while Dunman High drop to 3-2.

Choo Jie Ying (RI #8) scored a game high of 20 points while Selina Ang (DHS #8) led her team with 9 points.

From the 1st quarter, RI played a tight man-to-man defense which made it difficult for Dunman High to drive in and score. Coupled with the success of their defensive rebounds, RI were able to pull away from Dunman High.

While Dunman High played an aggressive man-to-man, RI had the advantage of taller players. Hence, they were able to score their lay-ups and their offensive rebounds.

RI also played a full court defense which allowed them to intercept passes and score on their fast breaks. While Dunman High were able to penetrate the RI full court defense a few times, they were unable to convert them into baskets.

RI led 15-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The 2nd quarter saw Dunman High scoring their first basket through a Mavis Chng (DHS #12) free throw.

This quarter also saw RI making quite a few careless passes which Dunman High was able to intercept. RI also found less success in their shooting and Dunman High was able to bag their defensive rebounds. Despite that, Dunman High were unable to capitalize on it and RI continued to maintain a lead.

To counter the RI defense, Dunman High began passing around the ball more often. However, they used up the shot-clock and turned over the ball. RI led 28-3 at halftime.

Dunman High found more success with their short-range attempts in the 3rd quarter. At the same time, RI were able bag their defensive rebounds and score on their fast breaks to outscore Dunman High 18-9 to lead 46-12 heading into the 4th quarter.

Dunman High also began playing a full court defense in an attempt to intercept RI passes. This tactic only had some success as RI were able to penetrate their defense and score their lay-ups.

While Dunman High continued to score their short-distance attempts, they were unable to overcome the large deficit and RI took home the 62-23 win.

Scoring by Quarter
1st Q: 15-0
2nd Q: 13-3 (28-3)
3rd Q: 18-9 (46-12)
4th Q: 16-11 (62-23)

Top Scorers
Choo Jie Ying (#8) – 20 points
Charmaine Koh (#13) – 11 points

Dunman High
Selina Ang (#8) – 9 points

RI Roster
Bernice Yeo Yin Siew (#4), Stephanie Ler (#5), Rachel Mok Wae Ean (#6), Carisia Lee Jia Yu (#7), Choo Jie Ying (#8), Sophia Isabelle Ang (#9), Adelia Gan (#10), Shang Mengge (#11), Lin Yi Han (#12), Charmaine Koh Xuan Min (#13), Sevilla Chea Wei La (#14)

Dunman High Roster
Ding Jaye (#4), Celine Ho (#5), Sophie Tan (#6), Jerlin Toh (#7), Selina Ang (#8), Sonia Tan (#9), Alessandra Giam (#10), Clara Ho (#11), Mavis Chng (#12), Li Ruohua (#13), Sabrina Gao (#14), Audrey Chrysilla (#15)

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