Story by Thamim/Red Sports. Photos by REDintern Adeline Lee.

ACS(int) (#36) in action. HE was the top scorer for his team, scoring 6 points. (Photo 1 © REDintern Adeline Lee)

ACS(int) (#36) in action. He was the top scorer for his team with 6 points. (Photo 1 © REDintern Adeline Lee)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Monday, April 11, 2016 — Pioneer Junior College (PJC) beat Anglo-Chinese School (International) (ACS(Int)) 52-21 in their opening game of the National A Division Basketball Championship.

Gavin Tay (PJC #23) scored a game high of 14 points while ACS(Int) (#36) led his team with six points.

PJC played a zone defense which forced ACS(Int) into shooting from the 3-point line, which was not always successful. Furthermore, PJC were also able to catch their defensive rebounds and score on their fast breaks.

Despite ACS(Int) playing a man-to-man defense, PJC were able to find loopholes in their defense and score on their lay-ups.

PJC led 12-6 at the end of the first quarter.

PJC played a full court defense which helped them to intercept a few passes. ACS(Int) struggled to stop PJC from getting past them and scoring on fast breaks.

ACS(Int) continued their tactic of passing around the ball and shooting from long range. Their offensive rebounding improved and they put points on the board, but it was not enough to stop PJC from leading 25-11 at half-time.

The third quarter saw PJC bagging more of their defensive rebounds and scoring on their fast breaks. While ACS(Int) were able to catch their offensive rebounds, they struggled to score. PJC kept ACS(Int) to just two points in the quarter, to lead 37-13 heading into the fourth.

PJC had their best scoring output in the final quarter with 15 points to wrap up the 52-21 win.

Both PJC and ACS(Int) next play Hwa Chong Institution but on different dates.

Scoring by Quarter
PJC vs ACS(Int)
1st Q: 12-6
2nd Q: 13-5 (25-11)
3rd Q: 12-2 (37-13)
4th Q: 15-8 (52-21)

Top Scorers
Gavin Tay (#23) – 14 points
Low Junchen (#11) – 11 points

(#36) – 6 points
(#25) – 5 points

ACS(Int) Roster
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PJC Roster
Dexter Tan (#1), Warren Wong (#69), Darius Chan (#12), Nolgene Boey (#6), Shaun Tham (#8), Wesley Yeo (#7), Eugene Low (#13), Shawn Ng (#14), Gavin Tay (#23), Dini Matin B Zaini (#17), Low Junchen (#11), Alvin Chan (#20)

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