Story by REDintern Denise Chia. Photos by Jerald Ang and Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports.


Elaine Quah of RGS clocked 14:49.26 to finish as the fastest B Division girl at the 57th National Schools Cross Country Championships. (Photo 1 © Jerald Ang/Red Sports)

Bedok Reservoir Park, Wednesday, March 23, 2016 — Elaine Quah of Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) defended her B Division title when she finished the 3.65 kilometre race first in a time of 14 minutes and 29 seconds. This is the third year in a row that she has won at the Nationals, a streak that started when she captured the C Division title in 2014.

Vera Wah of Cedar Girls’ Secondary claimed second with a time of 14:56.20 while Phoebe Kee of Singapore Chinese Girls’ School bagged third with a 15:08.59.

Cedar Girls’ claimed first place for the team event, with Nan Hua High and RGS coming in second and third respectively. Evergreen Secondary finished fourth.

The B Division girls had a quick start, before the pack rapidly thinned out with Phoebe leading the pack. Elaine settled down into a comfortable pace and maintained third position for most of the race, following Vera’s and Phoebe’s lead.

At the U-turn point, Vera pushed the pace and took the lead from Phoebe, pushing Phoebe into second place. However, Elaine soon overtook Phoebe with less than a kilometre of the race left to move into second place. With a strong finishing kick, Elaine then overpowered Vera within the last 150m to clinch the gold medal.

“I’m quite happy with my performance!” said Phoebe, who secured a personal best timing and was not confident of clinching the gold this year.

The girls will now be looking forward to their next competition, the National Inter-School Track & Field Championships. The championships begin on April 13.

B Div Girls (Top 20)
1st Quah Li Ying Elaine (#4231, RGS) — 14:49.26
2nd Vera Wah Yi Rei (#4041, Cedar Girls’) — 14:56.20
3rd Phoebe Kee (#4245, SCGS) — 15:08.59
4th Tay Yu Phoebe (#4161, Nan Hua High) — 15:27.87
5th Joyceleen Yap Yin Xiu (#5039, Cedar Girls’) — 15:28.81
6th Chua Hsi-Ern Caylee (#4081, Crescent Girls’) — 15:31.09
7th Arissa Rashid (#4166, Nanyang Girls’ High) — 15:36.38
8th Wong Si Min Levyn (#4093, Dunman High) — 15:38.11
9th Koh Hui Yee, Sarah (#4040, Cedar Girls’) — 15:39.76
10th Reyna Tan Rui Na (#4099, Evergreen) — 15:40.27
11th Anna Crystal Fong Hui Yee (#4036, Cedar Girls’) — 15:43:37
12th Zhong Yi (#4043, Cedar Girls’) — 15:46.72
13th Clarice Lau Jia Yun (#4157, Nan Hua High) — 15:51.72
14th Kang Yunru, Ruth (#4170, Nanyang Girls’ High) — 16:12.92
15th Keh Chin Yip (#4186, North Vista) — 16:18.79
16th Ling Xue Mian (#4237, River Valley High) — 16:24.81
17th Wu Jia Yi, Elise (#4059, St. Nicholas Girls’) — 16:26.72
18th Lim Xin Hui (#4230, RGS) — 16:26.77
19th Nicole Lee Wen Wan (#4176, National Junior College) — 16:28.73
20th Sylvia Yap Jing Ying (#4179, National Junior College) – 16:29

B Division Girls Team Results (Top 4)
1st Cedar Girls’ Secondary
Vera Wah (2nd), Joyceleen Yap (5th), Sarah Koh (9th), Anna Crystal Fong (11th)

2nd Nan Hua High
Tay Yu Phoebe (4th), Clarice Lau (13th), Wong Ke Xin (28th), Lim En Sin (31st)

3rd RGS
Elaine Quah (1st), Lim Xin Hui (18th), Nicole Chua (25th), Catherine Kamala (33rd)

4th Evergreen Secondary
Reyna Tan (10th), Lin Hui Qin (23rd), Dong Ya Li (34th), Yew Kaiwen (37th)

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