Story by REDintern Tamara Lie. Photos by REDintern Chan Hua Zheng.

Freddi (BBS #4) soaring for a layup over his defender. He scored a team-high 15 points, including a 3-pointer, in the game.

Freddi (BBS #4) soaring for a layup over his defender. He scored a team-high 15 points, including a 3-pointer, in the game. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chan Hua Zheng)

Clementi Sports Hall, Monday, 18 January, 2016 – Chua Chu Kang Secondary (CCK) came out on top 47-43 in a close fight with Bukit Batok Secondary (BBS) in the West Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Bing Quan (#5) from Chua Chu Kang had a game high of 19 points while Freddi (#4) led Bukit Batok with 15 points.

Both teams were evenly matched at 4-4 before a time out changed the flow of the game. Chua Chu Kang inched their way forward and ended the quarter leading 16-9.

Chua Chu Kang kept their lead as they started the second quarter with a 3-pointer by Bing Quan (CCK #5). Bukit Batok however, did not manage to narrow the gap. Freddi (BBS #4) ended the quarter with a bunny hop against three opponents to gain two points for his team.

The next two quarters was where Bukit Batok started to close the gap as Kevin Enton Yang (BBS #5) scored the first three points of the third quarter. Bukit Batok sharpened their defence and took on Chua Chu Kang, making it hard for them to score. Chua Chu Kang’s teamwork and fast passes however, allowed them to keep their lead.

Bukit Batok scored the most points in the fourth quarter, reducing the deficit to only four points. CCK led by four points (47-43) with only 59 secs left on the clock and Bukit Batok had possession. However, Bukit Batok could not score as Chua Chu Kang put on a full court press to seal the win.

Chua Chu Kang captain, Isaac (#12), said, “The game was good because after so many years we finally won together as a team. I feel relieved that we won because it was quite close towards the end.”

Chua Chu Kang are aiming to get to the second round. Chua Chu Kang next face School of Science and Technology while Bukit Batok will go up against Boon Lay Secondary.

Score by Quarter
Bukit Batok vs Chua Chu Kang
1st Q: 9-16
2nd Q: 4-11 (13-27)
3rd Q: 12-8 (25-35)
4th Q: 18-12 (43-47)

Top Scorers
Chua Chu Kang
Bing Quan (#5) – 19 points (3 x 3 pointer)
Jason (#7) – 11 points (1 x 3 pointer)
Azzam (#13) – 8 points

Bukit Batok
Freddi (#4) – 15 points (1 x 3 pointer)
Kevin Enton Yang (#5) – 11 points
Lau Lip Kong Barnabas (#13) – 10 points

Chua Chu Kang Roster
Navin (#4), Bing Quan (#5), Martin (#6), Jason (#7), Clarke (#8), Xian Rong (#9), Josiah (#10), Lei Kai (#11), Isaac (#12), Azzam (#13), Varun (#14), Jun Wee (#15)

Bukit Batok Roster
Freddi (#4), Kevin Enton Yang (#5), Fong Kien Jung (#6), Lo Yu Him (#7), Le Ngoc Do (#8), Guok Yi Yong (#9), Jasten Yeo Jie Ren (#10), Barnabas Sng Ren Le (#11), Xavier Wong Shao Jun (#12), Lau Lip Kong Barnabas (#13), Kim Jonghoon (#14), Jerome Chiang Jian An (#15)

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