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SUniG women's floorball SIM vs NUS

The NUS women’s floorball team defeated SIM 7-5 in the final to retain their title.

Singapore Institute of Management, Wednesday, September 16, 2015 — A balanced effort by National University of Singapore (NUS) helped them defend their Singapore University Games (SUniG) women’s floorball championship title, defeating Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) 7-5 in the final.

“I’m super proud of them, because it is not easy to come back from a loss,” said NUS captain Shannon Yeo (#26).

“Today, everyone came in prepared, and from the first whistle to the final whistle, I can see that everyone played their guts out.

“I’m very proud that everyone managed to play to the best of their abilities and I’m very glad that we can retain the championship title.”

SIM had previously defeated NUS 2-1 in the round robin stage to top the table, and came in as the underdogs.

Both teams went back-and-forth against each other until NUS broke the deadlock in the second period, holding SIM to nil to take a 5-3 lead.

An undaunted SIM bit back in the third period through Felicia Lim (#15) and Goh Woan Lin (#23), who helped SIM reduce the deficit to just a single point.

However, just as things were looking rosy for them, NUS responded each time, to keep themselves safely ahead.

Despite the loss, SIM had no reason to be disappointed with the injection of new players such as Mindy Lim (#6).

“The addition of new players has been a big factor that helped put us through to the final and I’m really glad that they joined us,” said SIM captain Yang Hui Xuan (#22).

“I’m confident and really really sure that these players, including the core players will play well in the upcoming IVP.

“Even though it was a loss, I think the team fought really hard and I’m happy that we’ve come where we are right now.”

Score by period
1st period: 3-3
2nd period: 0-2 (3-5)
3rd period: 2-2 (5-7)

Felicia Lim (#15) – 2 goals
Mindy Lim (#6) – 1 goal
Siti Nur Raihanah (#8) – 1 goal
Goh Woan Lin (#23) – 1 goal

Ng Si Boon Nicole (#23) – 2 goals
Wen Jiahui (#16) – 1 goal
Chery Seet Shi Qian (#17) – 1 goal
Toh Kai Xin (#21) – 1 goal
Soh Su Xian Alicia (#31) – 1 goal
Yeo Shi Er Shannon (#36) – 1 goal

SIM Roster
Denise Lim (#5), Mindy Lim (#6), Ooi Shi Cheng (#7), Siti Nur Raihanah (#8), Neo Rui Qi (#9), Marissa Tang (#10), Neo Shu Min (#12), Nur Sabrina (#14), Felicia Lim (#15), Nur Fathyyah (#16), Rei Lee (#17), Natalia Wee (#19), Jermaine Yeo (#21), Yang Hui Xuan (#22), Goh Woan Lin (#23), Lynn Ho (#37), Kwang Ya Li (#81), Ng Ying (#89), Shaylene Ong (#91),

NUS Roster
Nurul Ain Bte Kamarudin (#1), Samyata Ravindran (#7), Tabitha Ang Xue Qi (#9), Deniese Chia Qi En (#11), Annabel Lim Xin Min (#12), Koh Qi Ying (#13), Izzah Rani Bte Zulkifli (#14), Wen Jiahui (#16), Chery Seet Shi Qian (#17), Lee Jia Le (#18), Toh Kai Xin (#21), Ng Si Boon Nicole (#23), Tan Lee Qi Ginny (#28), Jaime Yeo Minn (#29), Soh Su Xian Alicia (#31), Yeo Shi Er Shannon (#36), Tan Jia Yi Deon (#44), Sylvia Lam (#74), Ang Shi Hui (#77), Gracia Senguluvan (#93)

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