Story by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports. Photos by Louisa Goh/Red Sports

Bedok South narrowly deflect Dzafir Ilhan Nizam (VS #51)’s attempt to score. Bedok South was playing in their first final, and goalkeeper Adam Taufik saved 17 point-blank attempts. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Bedok South narrowly deflect Dzafir Ilhan Nizam (VS #51)’s attempt to score. Bedok South were playing in their first final, and goalkeeper Haziq Adam saved 17 point-blank attempts. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Yishun Sports Hall, Wednesday, September 2, 2015 — Traditional powerhouses Victoria School easily dispatched Bedok South Secondary 9–1, earning their first National C Division Floorball Championship title since 2012.

“It feels great and we have never felt better,” said Ihsan Isham (#63).

Victoria had previously lost 4–9 to Springfield in the second round and the Victoria captain credited the victory to the experience.

“The team’s performance was consistent throughout the entire tournament and I think we had a wake-up call when we went down to Springfield.

“We all needed that wake-up call to make us play better and I think it worked for us.”

Victoria proved themselves a class above their opponents and dominated from the start, blitzing to a 5–0 lead at the end of the second period.

Despite the deficit, first-time finalists Bedok South put up a laudable performance, with the quartet of Amos Pang (#7), Bryan Chua (#9), Justin Downing (#73) and Lee Shi Feng (#77) leading the way on offence.

Goalie Haziq Adam (#1) also stood his ground against the physically-imposing Victoria team, denying an impressive total of 17 point-blank attempts.

Their efforts finally paid off three minutes into the third period, when Pang (#7) scored to give Bedok South their first goal of the game. By then, however, Victoria had already established an insurmountable lead to easily bring home a much deserved victory.

Despite the loss, Bedok South teacher-in-charge Yosef Effendy was pleased with his charges’ performance.

“My boys really trained very hard and put their all in the afternoons to train for this, and I’m really really proud that they made it to the final, because last year, we did not even make it to the second round,” he said.

“The very first time I took over as teacher-in-charge, I brought them all together as one Bedok South floorball family. So when you see everyone putting so much effort into the game, it is actually heart-wrenching to see them lose in the final.

“While it is painful for me, I’m sure these boys will train harder and come back stronger next season and achieve something bigger.”

Score by period
Bedok South vs Victoria
1st period: 0–3
2nd period: 0–2 (0–5)
3rd period: 1–4 (1–9)

Bedok South
Amos Pang Jun Jie (#7) – 1 goal

Muhammad Ammar B Khairudin (#62) – 2 goals
Muhammad Ihsan B Noor Isham (#63) – 2 goals
Darius Phua Rui En (#67) – 2 goals
Mikail Sumono Ramli (#57) – 1 goal
Muhammad Irfan B Noor Isham (#64) – 1 goal
Fares Aqil B Daniel Khalid (#65) – 1 goal

Bedok South Roster
Haziq Adam B Muhammad Taufik (#1), Teo Zhe Kai (#3), Wang Yikai (#5), Amos Pang Jun Jie (#7), Bryan Chua (#9), Ramon Ng Wei Jun (#10), Samuel Lau Ee Bin (#16), Muhammad Irfan Naufal B Z (#22), Muhammad Firdaus B Abdul Razak (#24), Aqil B Iskandar Dzulkarnaen K (#42), Aaron Banbury (#63), Irfan Danial B Sukhaimi (#66), Justin Aidan Downing (#73), Lee Shi Feng (#77), Mohamed Zikril Hakiem B M A (#83), Muhammad Haziq B Mohamed Zuffri (#99)

Victoria Roster
Dzafir Ilhan B Nizam (#51), Kaung Zin Ye Naung (#52), Aqeel Tyeb Papar (#53), Muhd Khairul Amshar (#54), Mikail Sumono Ramli (#57), Amir Hamdan B Abdul Halim (#58), Faez Nabil B Daniel Khalid (#61), Muhammad Ammar B Khairudin (#62), Muhammad Ihsan B Noor Isham (#63), Muhammad Irfan B Noor Isham (#64), Fares Aqil B Daniel Khalid (#65), Mexximus Ow (#66), Darius Phua Rui En (#67), Asy’raf Khaizal (#68), Darryl Poh (#87), Shaun Tay Kit Ann (#88)

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