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Dunman Secondary clinched the East Zone title after defeating Anglican High 57–44. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Dunman Secondary clinched the East Zone title after defeating Anglican High 57–44. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Anglican High School, Tuesday, August 4, 2015 — Dunman Secondary clinched the East Zone C Division Basketball Championship after defeating Anglican High 57–44. Dunman Secondary and Anglican High School met head-to-head for a repeat of the B Division East Zone final where Anglican High triumphed 32–26.

Anglican High’s Kimberly Tay (#7) was top scorer of the game with 16 points, while teammate Atalanta Lim (#14), Dunman’s Megan Phua (#4) and Zi Shan (#8) scored 14 points each.

Dunman’s opening seven-point run early in the first quarter allowed them a comfortable lead. Dunman amassed shot clock violations, which Anglican High’s Fionn Yeo (#8) capitalized on to score their first two points. Another foul sent Anglican High’s Kimberly Tay (#7) to the line to earn them another two points. Dunman’s Megan Phua (#4) and Gabrielle (#12), however, hustled to sink in eight points to end the first quarter leading 15–5.

Anglican High’s Kimberly (#7) opened the second quarter by adding two. A mix of poor aim and lax defending prevented them from closing the gap. Dunman found their advantage in long range shots, which was often uncontested and right on target, for a 12-point streak. Fionn (AH #8) broke their run with a quick two-point shot, but the quarter ended with Dunman leading 34–13.

The next half saw Anglican High stepping up to score more than Dunman. Despite their efforts, Dunman’s stoic defending prevented them from narrowing the point gap.

Anglican High outscored Dunman in the third quarter with a tighter defence, limiting Dunman to seven points. While loose balls were tightly contested, Anglican High struggled to convert their opportunities with multiple missed attempts. However, their efforts allowed them to close the gap to end the quarter trailing 41–28.

Both teams were matched point-for-point as players upped the pace in the last quarter. Anglican High often found themselves in possession of the rebounds, but Dunman fared better at converting their shots. The scoring was 16–16 in the final quarter but Dunman’s strong performance in the earlier half secured them the east zonal title with a 57–44 victory.

“I feel that they performed well today – there was a strong fighting spirit, and they didn’t give up even when there was a foul. We’ve improved on our rebound and could stop them better, as compared to our previous match in the second round,” said Dunman captain Doo Jia Qi (#6).

Score by Quarter
Dunman vs Anglican High

Q1: 15–5
Q2: 19–8 (34–13)
Q3: 7–15 (41–28)
Q4: 16–16 (57–44)

Top Scorers

Zi Shan (#8) – 14 points
Megan Phua (#4) – 14 points

Anglican High
Kimberly Tay (#7) – 16 points
Fionn Yeo (#8) – 14 points

Dunman Roster

Megan Phua (#4), Putri (#5), Doo Jia Qi (#6), Beatrice Chok (#7), Zi Shan (#8), Natalie (#9), Charlene (#10), Wynelle (#11), Gabrielle (#12), Araya (#13), Elizabeth (#14), Elly (#15)

Anglican High Roster
Soo Weng Kei (#4), Annabelle Lim (#5), Chan Jing Xuan (#6), Kimberly Tay (#7), Fionn Yeo (#8), Chloe Lim (#9), Lee Li Xuan (#10), Aw Zi Yann (#11), Cerlynn Chan (#12), Chloe Chang (#13), Atalanta Lim (#14), Tan Hui Juan (#15)

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