Story by Nicole Lum/Red Sports. Photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

C Division 1500m boys

Dave Tung (#247) of St. Joseph’s Institution and Armand Dhilawala Mohan (#189) of Raffles Institution in action. The pair finished in first and second respectively; their finishes differed by a mere 0.02 seconds. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

Bukit Gombak Stadium, Monday, April 20, 2015 — A dip at the finish line of the C Division boys’ 1500m final handed St. Joseph’s Institution’s Dave Tung the gold medal at the 56th National Inter-School Track and Field Championships.

He clocked a timing of 4 minutes and 41.46 seconds, just 0.02 ahead of Armand Mohan of Raffles Institution.

Dave was engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with Armand from start to end. The two were running side-by-side until the last round where they tried to outrun each other. Eventually, Dave pipped Armand by a mere 0.02s at the finish line, forcing the latter to settle for the silver.

Utilising a last kick with 200m more to go was Samuel Lim from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). He came in third with a 4:45.74 effort.

Dave was this year’s C Division boys’ champion at the 56th National Inter-School Cross Country Championships, while Armand took home the gold in last week’s C Division boys’ 3000m final. As a result, both of them entered this race as strong contenders.

Unfortunately, there could only be one champion. First-runner up, Armand, said, “I was neck-and-neck with Dave. It was just anyone’s game then. But he was just a bit faster than me, so credits to him for winning the race.”

Kannan Poobalan holds the meet record for the C Division boys’ 1500m. Representing Victoria School then, he set the record with a 4:21.37 effort in 1997.

C Division Boys’ 1500m Results
1st Tung Kin Pang, Dave (#247, St. Joseph’s Institution) – 4:41.46
2nd Armand Dhilawala Mohan (#189, Raffles Institution) – 4:41.48
3rd Lim Song Yang, Samuel (#136, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)) – 4:45.74
4th Brandon Norton (#99, Singapore Sports School) – 4:47.13
5th Jerrell Lim Dao Rong (223, St. Andrew’s Secondary School) – 4:47.24
6th Nedunchezian Selvageethan (#206, Raffles Institution) – 4:48.75
7th Lai Ziqing George (#407, Hwa Chong Institution) – 4:48.98
8th Glen Chan Zhi Sheng (#36, Catholic High School) – 4:51.08
9th Ng Chun Wai Nixon (#111, Singapore Sports School) – 4:51.22
10th Ethan Yikai Yan (#399, Hwa Chong Institution) – 4:54.32

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