Story by Chan Hui Mui/Red Sports. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports and REDintern Jerald Ang

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GS of SMS looks to shoot. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

St Margaret’s Secondary School, Thursday, March 5, 2015 — Despite winning the third quarter, Crescent Girls’ School could not stop St Margaret’s Secondary from finishing third in the South Zone C Division Netball Championship. St. Margaret’s eventually beat Crescent Girls’ 22–11.

Both schools had played against each other in the first round and Crescent Girls’ had the upper hand then, winning the game by one point. This time, St. Margaret’s had a different lineup and it paid off.

St. Margaret’s tall Goal Shooter was the team’s main target and Crescent Girls’ found no answer in defending her. St. Margaret’s passed accurately to their Goal Shooter to lead 12–5 after the first two quarters.

Crescent Girls’ finally came alive in the third quarter. They gathered their play and made their precious turnovers count to outscore St. Margaret’s in the quarter and narrow the deficit to six points.

In the final quarter, St. Margaret’s defence completely shut down Crescent Girls’ attack and limited them to only a goal. St. Margaret’s eventually wrapped up the game 22–11.

“St. Margaret’s did well today. They adjusted their lineup and it worked,” Crescent Girls’ coach, Puva commented.

Score by Quarter
St. Margaret’s vs Crescent Girls’
1st quarter: 6–2
2nd quarter: 6–3 (12–5)
3rd quarter: 4–5 (16–10)
4th quarter: 6–1 (22–11)

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