By Lim Yong Teck and Clara Yuan/Red Sports

IVP Volleyball Championship Temasek Polytechnic vs Singapore Institute of Management

Lim Yi Kai (#17) of TP spikes the ball against Mark Leong (#4) of SIM. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

National University of Singapore, Friday, January 23, 2015 — Temasek Polytechnic (TP) ended a four-year title drought, as they dethroned defending champions Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) 3–1 in a tightly-contested final of the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Volleyball Championship.

TP last won the title in 2010, making this their third IVP title, including one in 2008.

TP took an early 9–5 lead, but SIM scored four quick points to break even. Midway through the set, unforced errors allowed TP to reclaim the lead, but two straight roofs and a Javier Poon (#3) spike sparked SIM to a first set win.

The second and third sets were similar to the first, but poor execution during clutch moments cost SIM the sets.

In the closing set, the defence of Kinsley Tay (#2) and Lim Yi Kai (#17) propelled TP to an early 9–4 lead, but Jansen Chew’s (#17) heroics sparked a 7–1 SIM run to give SIM a one-point lead. Both teams exchanged points but SIM pulled away each time.

A time-out with the game tied at 24 proved to be the turning point, as TP eventually closed out the victory with two successive points, completing a flawless season.

“Before the game, I told the team to bring their ‘A’ game, to give a perfect effort and never look back, and that brought us here today,” said Justin Kweh (#6).

The TP captain added, “We had a lot of struggles this season because a few of our key players are dealing with injuries. Volleyball is a team game, so at the end of the day, all of us remained mentally strong and we fought hard for every win as a team.”

In the 3rd/4th playoff match, two quick mistakes cost National University of Singapore (NUS) a first set win, but they went on to dominate the next three sets to clinch a 3–1 victory over Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

Score by set
1st set: 25–23
2nd set: 22–25
3rd set: 21–25
4th set: 24–26

1st set: 25–23
2nd set: 4–25
3rd set: 18–25
4th set: 22–25

TP Roster
Jasper Low Quan Lee (#1), Tay Zi Hao Kinsley (#2), Ng Jing Yang (#3), Tang Zheng Pang (#4), Lim Chuan Zhi Darius (#5), Kweh Jun Qi Justin (#6), Koh Zhi Wei (#7), Gan Wei Kiat Patrick (L, #8), Kenneth Xu Jun Zhi (#9), Matthaeus Ang Teck Ming (#10), Chong Zi Xuan Sheratan (#11), Leon Tan Li Yang (#12), Lim Yi Kai (#17), Edwin Chua Tian Wen (L, #18)

SIM Roster
Daryl Lee (#1), Yap Feng Kai (#2), Poon Long Javier (#3), Mark Leong Bao Wen (#4), Samuel Chew (#5), Quek Chu Quan Kenneth (#6), Ong Ching Kai Melvin (#7), Wong Wei Zhi (#8), Joash Lee (L, #9), Jason Chew Soon Ann (#11), Ong Mo Sheng Raymond (#12), Wong Zhi Wei (#13), Jansen Chew Soon Ping (#17), Sean Lam Jun Yi (L, #18)

NUS Roster
Lim Wei Yang Alvin (#1), Lu Zuokun (#3), Neo Choon Peng Kenneth (#4), Cheong Jiawen (#5), Liao Junxiong (#6), Ng Jun Hao Samuel (#7), Koh Zuo Quan (L, #8), Oo Boon Chuan Vincent (#10), Toh Yong Yao (#11), Ng Tian Fong (#12), Yew Zi Wei (#13), Gwee Han Jie Kenneth (L, #14), Nicholas Chan (#15), Phua Zheng Yong Brandon (#17)

SP Roster
Pai Hong Koon (#1), Vincent Lim (#2), Giggs Tan Ee Thean (#3), Chen Yu Hong (#5), Edward Lai Wen Chuan (#6), Seah Chong Wei Sean (L, #7), Tan Litek (#8), Eng Li Yang (#9), Eng Sin Hau (#10), Ho Weng Kit Gordon (#11), Neo Wei Cheng (#13), Kazushi Fujiwara (#15)

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