West Zone B Div Netball: West Spring bring down Chestnut Drive 50–2 in opening game

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Story by Jasmine Goh/Red Sports. Photos by REDintern Lee Jian Wei

West Zone Netball B Div 2015

Lura (GS) of West Spring attempts a shot. (Photo 1 © REDintern Lee Jian Wei)

Jurong West Sports Hall, Monday, January 19, 2015 — West Spring Secondary (WSP) started their season with a 50–2 win over Chestnut Drive Secondary (CDS) in the West Zone B Division Netball Championship.

The players in WSP’s lineup were significantly taller than that of CDS, which gave them a distinct advantage on defense. The WSP players used their height and speed to deflect CDS passes throughout the match. WSP’s Goal Shooter, Lura, made use of her height to catch many high lobs from her midfielders. Her consistent shooting helped her team to build a comfortable lead in the first half.

The first quarter saw WSP go for swift offensive plays, using long passes to their advantage. CDS, on the other hand, faced difficulty in bringing the ball down. Despite having some attempts on offence, CDS were unable to convert on any of them and had their passes easily intercepted by WSP’s Wing and Goal Defenders. WSP held a strong edge in the game with their effective passing and accurate shooting, as they built a strong 20–0 lead by the end of the second quarter.

After a fruitless first half, the CDS players were able to put together a solid possession to find their shooters in the final third. They entered the second and third quarter with better defensive efforts in the goal-third, sticking closer to their opponents during plays. However, WSP were still able to break away from their defenders to get the ball. WSP held an advantageous 31–2 lead at the end of the third quarter.

WSP continued to make their shots count, scoring relentlessly to take home a 50–2 win over CDS.

WSP captain, Germain Ho, commented, “There’s still room for improvement but I think we played well today. It was a good effort from both teams.”

Germain added, “We’re hoping to make it to top 4 this year!”

Scores by Quarter
West Spring vs Chestnut Drive

1st Q: 10–0
2nd Q: 10–0 (20–0)
3rd Q: 11–2 (31–2)
4th Q: 19–0 (50–2)

Chestnut Drive Roster
Jingwei, Shermay, Zorine, Kelly, Teo Yee Ning, Sheraine, Jie Yi, Sherry, Clarice, Jia Yin, Lin Mei

West Spring Roster
Lura, Aisyah, Alicia, Asyiqin, Li He, Wanwen, Siti Nurfarishah, Yongqi, Yufei, Germain Ho, Karine, Cleo Liu

2015 West Zone B Division Netball Championship – fixtures and results

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