Story by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Lim Shuen (Kent Ridge #4) spikes against Eusoff. She had two goals in the contest. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

National University of Singapore, Friday, January 16, 2015 — Despite a 5–9 preliminary round loss to Eusoff Hall, Kent Ridge Hall secured a semi-final berth in the National University of Singapore (NUS) Inter-Hall Games Handball Championship, by virtue of a superior point differential.

Kent Ridge had previously defeated Temasek Hall 9–7, while Eusoff went down 3–10 to the latter. Eusoff needed a six-point victory to qualify for the semi-final but were not able to secure it.

Lim Shuen (#4) and Steffi Lim (#5) led Kent Ridge with two goals each. Eusoff’s Rachel Ho (#8) had a game-high four goals in the contest, with three in the first half alone. Eusoff custodian Carren Teo (#33) had a sterling defensive effort, including four saves in under two minutes of play in the first half.

Both teams commenced their attack cautiously, swinging the ball around the 9m line. Rachel Ho (#8) scored the first goal for Eusoff from just outside the 6m line. Along with Sharleen Chin (#11), the pair followed with two first wave attacks to increase Eusoff’s lead to 3–0, forcing a Kent Ridge timeout.

Following the timeout, Xiaoting (#11) scored Kent Ridge’s first goal through a momentary defensive lapse by Eusoff. Clara Chua (#31) also had several interceptions to spark two successful first-wave attacks and tie the game at three apiece.

Two-minute suspensions issued to Steffi Lim (#5) and Claudia (#16) did not help Kent Ridge’s cause as Eusoff took advantage of the situation to extend their lead to 6–3 at the end of the half.

Eusoff continued their offensive onslaught early in the second half, scoring three goals from the right wing to establish a six-point lead. Clara Chua’s (#31) clutch defensive efforts helped Kent Ridge stop the bleeding, as she found Steffi Lim (#5) for the successful fast break.

After Kent Ridge’s goal, Eusoff had no answer for Kent Ridge’s defensive plays, as they could not convert several attempts. In the closing seconds of the game, Lim Shuen (#4) converted a penalty to secure Kent Ridge’s semi-final berth.

Kent Ridge captain, Lim Shuen (#4) said, “We were quite anxious when they (Eusoff) took the early lead. Everyone was in a panicky state and were not performing their best. The timeout helped us come back in form.”

“I think our defence was good, but our offence could have been better. The ball was stationary and we could have moved the ball better. It was a very good game, and I have faith in my team,” added Lim.

Score by half
Kent Ridge Hall vs Eusoff Hall
1st half: 3–6
2nd half: 2–3 (5–9)

Kent Ridge Hall Roster
Lim Shuen (#4), Steffi Lim (#5), Xing Xuan (#6), Xinhui (#8), Charis Wong (#10), Xiaoting (#11), Iliana (#12), Alyssa (#13), Krithika (#15), Claudia (#16), Wenna Loo (#21), Geok Teng (#23), Clara Chua (#31)

Eusoff Hall Roster
Lim Jing Wen (#1), Tan Jo Lin (#7), Rachel Ho Rui Xia (#8), Sharleen Chin Jia Wen (#11), Priscilla Lim Xin Yi (#15), Carren Teo Kai Qin (#33), Teo Wee Shiuan (#34), Woon Ling Melissa (#56), Poh Lay Hui Jasmine (#57), Chan Yong En Melinda (#72), Lee Wan Zhen (#79), Lim Yufeng Alissa (#88), Chan Wan Wen Rochelle (#93), Toh Shao Xuan (#94)

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