Rugby: Singapore U19s promoted to ARFU Div 1 after 22–5 final win over Thailand

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By Singapore Rugby Union

ARFU Under 19 Rugby Singapore vs Thailand

The Singapore under-19 team defeated Thailand 22–5 in the final of the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU) and are promoted to Division 1 of the tournament next year. (Photo courtesy of Singapore Rugby Union)

Manila, Philippines, Saturday, December 13, 2014 — With a hard fought 22–5 victory over Thailand, the Singapore national under-19 rugby team will see themselves in the Asian Rugby Football Union (ARFU) Division 1 next year.

They will be competing against other countries like South Korea, Chinese Taipei and Sri Lanka.

Singapore pulled away in the second half when fly-half Halcyon Price successfully converted the penalty, putting his team three points ahead in the 38th minute. Tries from Adriel Toh, Samuel Koh and Lachian Brock in the last 10 minutes of the match contributed to Singapore’s 22–5 win.

“The hard work and effort of everyone has paid off and we are excited about moving up into the next division,” said Samuel Koh.

Led by head coach Hadizan Jaaman and assisted by national players Ashrof Nasser and Gaspar Tan, the team defeated hosts Philippines 28–7 in the semi-final on Wednesday.

“This shows that we have a good pipeline in place. Even with the global importance of the 7s game and SEA games on home soil next year, SRU has shown that it is still able to compete competitively in the 15s game in Asia with our young rising stars,” said Mr Low Teo Ping, president of the Singapore Rugby Union.

Singapore’s National Under-19 Rugby team roster
Tay Wei Shane, Ryan Faishal Anwar, Jeromy Chua Kai Ching, Adriel Toh Xin An, Ng Jie Ming Austin, Ghalib Samir Bin Samari, Lu Chuanyi, Teh Wei Hao Bernard, Yau Yu Hang Kelvin, Sek Ryan, Samuel Koh Giap Yang, Ewan Robert Ferguson, Chan Chung Toh John, Malcolm John Samuel, Syed Faddil Bin Syed Abdullah Alkaff, Chang Wei Feng Sean, Halcyon Quintin Salter Price, Abdul Rauf Bin Abdullah, Lachlan James Brock, Maverick Lim Yong Chen, Shi Chenghao, Ikhwan Haziq Bin Sinwan, Riq Harriz Bin Hamizun Shah, Ewan George William Armstrong, Ruzaini Bin Mohamad

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