Story by Jiexin Neo/Red Sports. Photos by REDintern Jerald Ang

POL-ITE Handball Championship (Women)

Jasmine Goh (SP #7) takes a shot against RP. Jasmine led SP with a game-high eight goals. (Photo 1 © REDintern Jerald Ang)

Singapore Polytechnic, Saturday, September 20, 2014 — Singapore Polytechnic (SP) thrashed Republic Polytechnic (RP) 34–1 in their opening game of the season in the Polytechnic-Institute of Technical Education (POL-ITE) Games.

Jasmine Goh (SP #7) led her team with a game-high eight goals, while Bivian Tan (RP #19) scored the only goal for her side.

SP dominated from the start of the game with strong finishing at the goal. Defensively, they were relatively aggressive and easily denied RP’s offensive plays. Jasmine Goh (SP #7) made valiant defensive efforts during the game and forced many RP turnovers.

On the other hand, RP tried for goals but their attempts were easily saved by SP goalkeeper Jasmine Ng (#11). Towards the end of the first half, the RP goalkeeper stepped up on her game and made many good saves to prevent SP from adding onto the scoreboard.

Danielle Choong (SP #18) led her team’s offense with three goals in the first half, while teammates Jasmine (#7), Verlynn Chong (#9) and Crystal Teo (#12) had two goals each. RP remained scoreless going into the halftime break (0–12).

Jasmine (SP #7) finished well at the goal to open the scoring for the second half. She was strong on offense and made another three shots thereafter to give her team the 16–0 lead. Ong Shu (RP #3) made a good shot after receiving a well-timed pass from her teammate, but was unlucky as it hit the woodwork. She then tried for another goal but was blocked by the SP goalkeeper Low Lin Hui (#13).

In the final minutes of the game, Bivian’s (RP #19) shot trickled past the goal line to give her side the only goal for the game (1–34).

SP captain, Jasmine Ng (#11), said, “This is our first match of the seasons and I feel that this match was played well. it was a good start to the season as we had two weeks to train just before the first game. It was a really good match put up by both teams.”

“I think the main highlight from this game will be SP’s fastbreaks, our fast cut-ins. RP’s players also took me back quite a bit with their shooting strength. I think RP put up a really very good fight. They didn’t stop trying and kept attempting shots and trying to find space to cut in and shoot. Even though they were quite rough at some point in the match, I felt that their never giving up spirit throughout the game was admirable,” commented Jasmine.

On their hopes for the season, Jasmine added, “We would like to retain our championship title for this season. We fought hard for our title last season and we are going to work hard to bring back the title. Also, we will want to work more on team work and communication, and also let the juniors gain more experience through this competition.”

Scoring by Period
SP vs RP
First half: 12–0
Second half: 22–1 (34–1)

Top Scorers
Jasmine Goh (#7) – 8 goals
Verlynn Chong (#9) – 6 goals

SP Roster
Ng Shi Hui (#2), Kasandra Anika (#4), Lim Li Hua (#6), Jasmine Goh (#7), Carolyn Yong (#8), Verlynn Chong (#9), Jasmine Ng (#11), Crystal Teo (#12), Low Lin Hui (#13), Vernice Chong (#14), Jeslene Chia (#15), Li Mei Lian (#16), Danielle Choong (#18), Pearlyn Tan (#20), Brenda Lee (#25)

RP Roster
Wong Lee Teng Amelia (#1), Lim Xin Hui Priscilla (#2), Ong Shu (#3), Chee Xiuxin (#4), Rebecca Toh Peng Ying (#7), Liao Baoyi (#8), Yeo Wen Xing Patrice (#9), Euvene Loo (#11), Lim Hui Yu (#12), Amanda Tan Wei Ting (#14), Elaine Kiew (#16), Tng Min Li (#18), Tan Shi Hui Bivian (#19), Koh Hui Shan (#24), Seri Azilia Bte Khairil (#28)

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