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Ong Chong Lin (SST #97) handles the ball against (LYS #18). Chong Lin was top scorer of the game with three goals in his team’s 9-2 win over Hougang. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Hillgrove Secondary School, Tuesday, May 29, 2014 — School of Science and Technology (SST) scored seven goals in the last period to defeat Hougang Secondary School (HSS) 11–4 in the National C Division Floorball Championship.

The win gives School of Science and Technology third place in Group E with a 1–2 win-loss record, while Hougang are fourth. Both teams have two more games to play in first round.

Ong Chong Lin (SST #97) was the top scorer of the game with three goals, and his teammates Chng Bing Xuan (SST #23) and L Harisankaran (SST #96) had two goals each. Tan Kai Yang (HSS #9) led his team with two goals.

Led by Chong Lin (SST #97), the first period saw School of Science and Technology make several attempts to shoot. However, they faced Jarrell Chua (HSS #17) who swiftly cleared as his opponents drew closer to the net.

Breaking through SST defence, Kai Yang (#9) swept in Hougang’s first goal. Thereafter, Lim Wei Xuan (SST #7) stepped up to convert an opportunity for his team’s first goal and equaliser.

Undeterred, Kai Yang (HSS #9) made multiple attempts to steal the ball and drove it across the court to finally score for a 2–1 lead. Both (HSS #11) and (HSS #2) successfully protected balls that came too close to the net. However, with just 37 seconds left, Bing Xuan (SST #23) sneaked in a shot to end the first period 2–2.

School of Science and Technology swiftly stepped up their attack early in the second period when Harisankaran (SST #96) seized an opportunity after a series of passes to score the third goal. Seconds after, he attempted again but Hougang’s defence were on guard to drive the ball away. A foul by Chong Lin (SST #97) left them facing a two-minute Hougang power play with three players, but the SST defence held up.

The second half saw Hougang’s (#12) and Kai Yang (#9) pushing to steal balls, but both found themselves blocked by SST defence. A foul by (HSS #25) left them facing an SST power play with three players, but Hougang were able to keep their opponents at bay. After the power play ended, Chong Lin’s (SST #97) attempt found the back of net to give SST a 4–2 lead at the end of the second period.

In the last period, SST dominated possession to score seven goals in rapid succession. Harisankaran (SST #96) opened the period by intercepting Hougang’s free shot into an undefended area, which he then drilled into the net. Hougang defence responded, attempting to clear balls and driving it back into SST’s half-court, but their attempts to score mostly missed the net.

Confusion around the net allowed Elgin Ng (SST #29) and Bing Xuan (SST #23) to score half a minute apart, and a third consecutive attempt by Harisankaran (SST #96) was swiftly blocked by (HSS #22). Surprise came halfway through when Hougang’s (#11) took a free shot that flew straight into the net, reducing the deficit to five goals (4–9).

Hougang began an offensive push but their passing was misplaced, allowing SST to capitalise to regain possession of the ball. In the last second of regulation time, Chong Lin (SST #97) slotted the ball in to give SST an 11–4 victory.

School of Science and Technology captain Kevyn Yong (#7) said, “I felt the team did well as we fought to the end. We also had more stamina for the second and third period, which helped us to widen the goal difference.”

Scoring by period
School of Science and Technology vs Hougang Secondary School

1st period: 2-2
2nd period: 4-2
3rd period: 11-4

Top Scorers

Ong Chong Lin (#97) – 3 goals
Chng Bing Xuan (#23) – 2 goals
L Harisankaran (#96) – 2 goals
Kevyn Yong (#7) – 1 goal
Elgin Ng (#29) – 1 goal
Al’man B Iskandar (#26) – 1 goal
Lim Wei Xuan (#8) – 1 goal
(#9) – 2 goals
(#12) – 1 goal
(#11) – 1 goal

SST Roster
Kevyn Yong (#7), Lim Wei Xuan (#8), Hoh Shu Xian (#11), Sherwyn Ng (#16), Chng Bing Xuan (#23), Khairul Azfar B Zainudin (GK, #24), Al’man B Iskandar (#26), Daryl Puan (#27), Elgin Ng (#29), Ryan Ong (#55), Donovan Neo (#56), Bryan Chang (GK, #59), L Harisankaran (#96), Ong Chong Lin (#97)

Hougang Roster
Tan Kai Yang (#9), Jarrell Chua (#17)

We do not have Hougang’s roster. If you know the names and jersery numbers of Hougang players, do leave a comment and we will update the story.

National C Division Floorball (Boys) Championship Fixture

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