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Bernard Chang (OPS #4) looks to pass the ball to a team mate. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Hillgrove Secondary School, Tuesday, May 29, 2014 — Orchid Park Secondary School (OPS) held back Hillgrove Secondary School’s (HGS) attempted comeback in the last period to win 4–3 in the National C Division Floorball Championship.

Winning their first game of the season, Orchird Park are tied for first with Swiss Cottage and Springfield in group A, while Hillgrove are ranked third.

Hillgrove’s Manfred Chew (#3) was the top scorer with three goals, while Orchid Park’s Mohamed Noor Irfan (#9), Bernard Chang (#4) and Muhammad B Razali (#11) scored one goal each.

Orchid Park and Hillgrove were initially evenly matched in the first period, with both sides attempting to score but facing low conversion. Players struggled to control the ball, with attempts either missing or passes going astray.

Hillgrove broke through when Manfred (#3) made an accurate, quick wrist shot to score his team’s first goal. Thereafter, Orchid Park responded by dominating possession of the ball. After multiple misses, Orchid Park’s Mohamed Noor Irfan (#9) slotted the ball in to equalise and Bernard (#4) quickly followed to help Orchid Park lead 2–1 at the end of the first period.

The second period saw Orchid Park aggressively attacking against Hillgrove, who faced difficulties passing the ball. Confusion around the net saw Hillgrove scoring an own goal. Hillgrove rallied and had an attempt trickle past the goalkeeper but go just wide of the post with no Hillgrove players nearby to capitalise.

Halfway through, Orchid Park’s Muhammad B Razali (#11) found an opening to drill the ball into the net to make it 4–1. A foul by Shah Alam Nashrah (OPS #7) left them with three players for a two-minute power play situation but Hillgrove could not take advantage. as the Orchid Park defense successfully held up.

Led by Khairul Iqbal (#98), Hillgrove rallied in the last period but repeatedly found themselves missing with their shots. Orchid Park’s Huang Jia Cheng (#28) found an opportunity after he stole the ball, but his attempt hit the side of the net.

Hillgrove then started their comeback when Manfred (HGS #3) took a free shot which shot past Orchid Park’s defense wall and hit the back of the net.

The second half saw Hillgrove defence marking Orchid Park players and stepping up to intercept passes. Bernard (OPS #4) and Jia Cheng (OPS #28) kept pressurising Hillgrove, but Muhammad Fariz (HGS #55) held up in the Hillgrove defense.

After a timeout, Orchid Park rallied with Jia Cheng (#28) and Mohammad B Razali (#11) driving the ball back into the Hillgrove half but they had no success.

With just 55 seconds of regulation time left, Hillgrove’s Manfred (#3) swept in his third goal to reduce the deficit to one goal. Hillgrove’s morale noticeably skyrocketed with that goal, with both sides actively tussling for the ball for another attempt to score. However, Orchid Park managed to hold on to win 4–3.

Scoring by period
Orchid Park vs Hillgrove Secondary

1st period: 2–1
2nd period: 4–1
3rd period: 4–3

Top Scorers
Orchid Park

Mohamed Noor Irfan B Mohd S (#9) – 1 goal
Bernard Chang (#4) – 1 goal
Muhammad B Razali (#11) – 1 goal
Manfred Chew (#3) – 3 goals

Orchid Park Roster
Bernard Chang (#4), Shah Alam Nashrah B Sahruddin (#7), Mohamed Noor Irfan B Mohd S (#9), Shaqir Harjit (#10), Muhammad B Razali (#11), Tan Zhi Kai (#14), Marcus Neo (#15), Raiyan B Ridhuan (#16), Huang Jia Cheng (#28), Danial Raziq B Abdul Rahimi (#99)

Hillgrove Roster
Abdul Ghanni B Abdul Aziz (GK, #2), Manfred Chew (#3), Muhammad Hafiz B Saini (GK, #4), Mohammed Hazwan Bin Mohammed Osman (#5), Afiq Rusyaidi B Mohammad Khair (#18), Muhammad Rusyaidi B Eruwan (#19), Mohamad Ryan Hady Ridhwan (#21), Ahmad Husaini B Hamsani (#22), Muhammad ‘Irfan B Abd Jamal (#26), Lim Han Xiang (#27), Fairuz B Khamis (#47), Muhammad Fariz B Muhammad A W (#55), Nevan Chan (#67), Muhammad Taufiq B Sharom (#69), Justin Liu (#89), Khairul Iqbal B Abdul Rahman (#98)

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