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Teo Jun Kai (HIH #7) hits the fadeaway while Muhammad Khairul (HSS #6) tries to stop him. (Photo 1 © Zachary Foo/Red Sports)

PESEB, Monday, July 21, 2014 — Holy Innocents’ High (HIH) took their first win of the second round with a 48–23 win over Henderson Secondary (HSS) in the South Zone C Division Boys Basketball Championship. Razzif (HIH #13) led all scorers with 18 points, while Bryan Yap (HSS #7) paced his team with 10 points.

The win puts Holy Innocents’ High third in Group Y with a 2–2 win-loss record, while Henderson fall to fourth with a 0–4 win-loss record.

Holy Innocents’ took the early lead through the play of Eugene Chua (HIH #12). Henderson had no defender that was able to match up to Eugene (HIH #12), giving him space to operate in the post. Holy Innocents’ packed the paint on defence, turning away the drives of Bryan Yap (HSS #7) and Muhammad Khairul (HSS #6). Khairul (HSS #6) was the only Henderson player to get on the board in the first period.

It became evident in that second quarter that Henderson were losing the rebounding battle, as they only had one post player on the team. Holy Innocents’ enjoyed scoring contributions from all over the floor. Five different players got on the scoresheet in the period.

Holy Innocents’ blew the game wide open in the period, led by the excellent play of Razzif (HIH #13). He contributed six points in the period, as well as countless steals that led to open layups. This allowed Holy Innocents’ lead to balloon to a comfortable 24 points.

The final period was a closer affair as Holy Innocents’ sent in their reserves to close out the game. Bryan Yap (HSS #7) never gave up throughout the period, even though his team was down big. He made a couple of huge blocks on players significantly bigger than him. Nevertheless, Holy Innocents’ eventually took the 48–23 win. They will next face Fairfield Methodist on Wednesday, July 23, at PESEB at 3:50 pm.

Holy Innocents’ captain, Daniel Ho (#9), said, “It feels good to win today. We were more in sync as a team and our passing was better. We lost our last two games, so I hope this motivates us to come back strong. We had to do what we did today and improve ourselves.”

Scoring by Quarter
Holy Innocents’ High vs Henderson
1st Quarter: 6–2
2nd Quarter: 15–10 (21–12)
3rd Quarter: 19–4 (40–16)
4th Quarter: 8–7 (48–23)

Top Scorers
Holy Innocents’ High
Razzif (#13) – 18 points

Bryan Yap (#7) – 10 points

HIH Roster
Ron Ong (#4), Ian Jie (#5), Moh Jie Yu (#6), Teo Jun Kai (#7), Toh Kar Le (#8), Daniel Ho (#9), Dorian Chin (#10), Lester Ong (#11), Eugene Chua (#12), Razzif (#13), Roy Ng (#14), Gavin Sum (#15)

HSS Roster
Hwa Jing (#4), Polvin Teo (#5), Muhammad Khairul (#6), Bryan Yap (#7), Victor Tan (#8), Lim Minghao (#9), Lim Shangchun (#10), Elton Go (#11), Andy Seo Seung Hwan(#12), Myo Thant Aung (#13), Javier Liu (#14), Adrian Then (#15)

South Zone C Division Boys Basketball Championship — Fixtures and Results

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