Story by REDintern Arissa Pang. Photos by Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports


Anne Ting (Deyi #13) attempts to gain possession of the loose ball. (Photo 1 © Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Thursday, July 3, 2014 — Deyi Secondary defeated Edgefield Secondary 31–14 in the first round of North Zone C Division Girls’ Basketball Championship.

Ashmita Rai (Deyi #11) led all scorers with 17 points.

Deyi took a 4–1 lead at the start of the first quarter. Edgefield managed to catch up with Zee Ann (#7) tying the game at four apiece with a free throw. Yee Xin (Edgefield #10) scored the tie-breaking basket to give Edgefield the 6–4 lead to end the first quarter.

Just a few minutes into the second quarter, Lim Ja Suen (Deyi #11) scored to tie the game at six apiece. The game was fairly intense with multiple lead changes. Both teams displayed good defence but Deyi managed to take the 14–8 lead to end the second quarter.

In the third quarter, Deyi scored 10 unanswered points to extend their lead to 27–10. Deyi held on to their lead to win their second game with a final score of 31–14.

Deyi will next play Anderson Secondary, while Edgefield will play Marsilling Secondary on Wednesday, July 9.

Top scorer, Ashmita Rai (Deyi #11) commented, “I feel great about this game. Although we won, I still think I did not achieve my personal goal. I feel very bad because I missed a lot of open shots. I think my team performed really well. There were only seven of us playing the whole game. I think we should work hard together so that we can be a better and stronger team.”

Scoring by quarter
Deyi Secondary Vs Edgefield Secondary
1st quarter: 4–6
2nd quarter: 10–2 (14–8)
3rd quarter: 13–2 (27–10)
4th quarter: 4–4 (31–14)

Top Scorers
Deyi Secondary
Ashmita Rai (#7) – 19 points

Edgefield Secondary
Iffah (#9) – 7 points

Deyi Secondary Roster
Koh Hui Xin (#4), Gavia Lim Wan Lin (#5), Azra Begum (#6), Ashmita Rai (#7), Valerie Pang Ke Xuan (#8), Preeyanan Tulawasircharoen (#9), Teoh Shiok Zhen (#10), Lim Ja Suen (#11), Phoebe Looi Sok Yee (#12), Anne Ting (#13), Seow Rui Xuan (#14), Poon Xuan Ling (#15)

Edgefield Secondary Roster
Gracia (#4), Gin (#5), Xing Yee (#6), Zee Ann (#7), Felicia (#8), Iffah (#9), Yee Xin (#10), Regina (#11), Xing Ying (#12), Sharmaine (#13), Vanna (#14), Havan (#15)

North Zone C Division Basketball Championship — Fixtures and Results

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