By Matthew Lau/Red Sports.

NAT CDIV SB RVHS vs Edgefield

Jing-Jing (ESS #4) steals second base. (Photo 1 © Matthew Lau/Red Sports)

River Valley High School, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 — River Valley High School (RVHS) defeated Edgefield Secondary (ESS) 26–2 in their opening game of the National C Division Softball Championship.

Aggressive base running by RVHS proved to be effective in this high scoring affair. ESS pitcher, Jing-Jing (#4) walked two batters to begin the game, allowing both to score before getting the first out on a ground ball. ESS went on to give up three walks in a row which resulted in three more RVHS runs. Capitalising on consecutive errors by ESS, RVHS were able to pick up four more runs in the first inning.

RVHS pitcher, Celina Eu (#7), gave up a lead-off walk to begin the bottom of the first. She then struck out the second batter and was able to throw out the runner to pick up a double play. She continued to walk two batters before getting the third out on a ground ball to second base.

The top of the second saw a pitcher change for ESS. She walked five batters, gave up two base hits and allowed seven runs to score before getting the first out of the inning. She then allowed two more runs to score before another pitcher change. Jing-Jing (ESS #4) then walked two batters, giving up one run and got the remaining two outs to retire the side.

RVHS came into the bottom of the second with a pitcher change of their own. Lim Jazz Ying (RVHS #88) struck out the lead off batter before allowing a walk to Jasmine (ESS #9). She then came around to steal home, scoring the first run for her team. RVHS then picked up two consecutive strike outs to end the inning.

RVHS picked up seven more runs in the third inning on walks and errors by ESS.

ESS picked up a consolation run in the third inning with Jing-Jing (ESS #4) scoring home from first base on a RVHS error.

RVHS won the game by mercy rule in the third inning.

RVHS captain, Gladys Tan said, “Even though this was an easy game, we still felt nervous. I’m happy that we were able to win. I hope that throughout this season, we will be able to learn and gain experience. I also hope that we will be able to have fun and make friends. Hopefully we’ll be able to go as far as we can.”

Top scorers
River Valley High School
Gladys Tan – 4 runs
Amanda Ho – 3 runs

Score By Inning
River Valley High School vs Edgefield Secondary School
1st Inning: 9–0
2nd Inning: 10–1 (19–1)
3rd Inning: 7–1 (26–2)

River Valley High Roster
Wiline Tan (#26), Brieanne Heng (#5), Althea Chua (#27), Gladys Tan (#8), Wienna Koh (#95), Neoh Ting Yi (#96), Pearlyn Low (#9), Celina Eu (#7), Chua Yong Sing (#47), Faith Lim (#79), Charmaine Chua (#99), Lim Jazz Ying (#88), Audrey Lee (#81), Lim Xue Mian (#14), Amanda Ho (#10), Yi Mon Mon Auang (#21)

Edgefield Secondary Roster
Jocasta (#24), Jing-Jing (#4), Morinati (#10), Maheerah (#8), Sabrina (#13), Nadine (#25), Jasmine (#9), Dalila (#15), Sabrina (#27), Wei Ting (#44), Dawn (#29), Kimberly (#33), Pei Yun (#6), Jernin (#55), Jing Xuan (#88), Diyanah (#22)

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