Story by Jiexin Neo/Red Sports. Photos by Louisa Goh and Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports


Ho Lin Xuan (MJC #80) attempt to score in the last minute hits YJC’s wall of defense. Blocking the attempt sealed YJC’s victory. (Photo 1 © Louisa Goh/Red Sports)

Bedok Sports Hall, Thursday, May 29, 2014 — Yishun Junior College (YJC) beat Meridian Junior College (MJC) 3–2 to claim their first National A Division Championship title. With this win, YJC end off their season unbeaten.

Both teams also met in the final last year, where YJC went down 4–9 to MJC.

Daphne Ong (YJC #21) led all scorers with two goals for the game.

Daphne Ong (YJC #21) opened the scoring with a goal early into the game to put YJC 1–0 up. She almost added one more to the scoreboard when her shot caused a commotion right in front of the post. However, an MJC defender located the ball and cleared it.

With two minutes remaining in the period, Mindy Lim (MJC #6) tried for a shot, but it was blocked by YJC goalkeeper Candia Sar (#28).

After several tries, MJC finally managed to draw even with YJC at 1–1 with less than 10 seconds left on the clock. Mindy (MJC #6) was near the halfway line and fired one in from the distance to end off the period.

It was a fast-paced second period as both sides were eager for a second goal. They alternated possession and were trying for shots one after another. Daphne (YJC #21) handled the ball well and consistently threatened MJC’s defence with her determined drives. She fought for the ball near the goal post, and attempted a shot but MJC goalkeeper Ariel Shia (#12) managed to collect it.

MJC had a good chance at a goal when Mindy (MJC #6) went for a strong shot in the direction of the post. It was deflected by Candia (YJC #28) and Shen Weixian (MJC #26) was just in front of the net, but was unable to convert the rebound with two YJC defenders and Candia trying to clear the ball.

In the fifth minute, Liu Shao Lun (YJC #7) was facing pressure from her defender who kept trying to steal the ball, but she still broke through for a goal to give YJC a 2–1 lead.

Ericia Chan (YJC #10) was taken out of the game when she took a hard fall. For MJC, Mindy (#6) was dishing out well-placed passes for her teammates to try for shots. As such, MJC had more shot attempts in the second period but Candia (YJC #28) was doing a good job at denying MJC’s shots.

With 40 seconds to go, Daphne (YJC #21) found the top corner of the post to score her second goal of the game and give YJC a 3–1 lead.

Early into the third period, Vannessa Yeo (MJC #21) slotted one in from the centre to give her team hopes of a comeback.

MJC were then desperate for an equaliser, and tried time and time again to score their third one, but to no avail as Candia (YJC #28) was enjoying a good game, saving shots repeatedly to keep the lead for her team.

Mindy (MJC #6) was brought down to the ground with three minutes of regulation time remaining, and had to be carried out of the game. She came back awhile later to continue playing, and nearly scored one from a distance, but it was deflected just before the ball crossed the goal line.

With 10 seconds to go, MJC goalkeeper Ariel (#12) was substituted by a field player. MJC went all out with six players on the court but failed to score the much needed equaliser, as they went down 2–3 to hand the title over to YJC.

YJC captain, Siti (#26), said, “The game was really intense. They (MJC) had a lot of DSA players, National players, but we told ourselves to keep calm and work on our basics. I believe that my girls did really well. They held on till the last buzzer.”

YJC vice-captain, Daphne (#21), said, “I think it’s mainly because we wanted the ball more, and we fought for every single ball. Every single one of us really ran our hearts out.”

YJC won all their games this season. “It was only because before every single match, we tell our players to play our basics. Most of us started playing floorball only this year. We started from the basics, so we really just played our game with simple passes and simple shots,” said Daphne.

Scoring by Period
First period: 1–1
Second period: 0–2 (1–3)
Third period: 1–0 (2–3)

Mindy Lim (#6) – 1 goal
Vannessa Yeo (#21) – 1 goal

Daphne Ong (#21) – 2 goals
Liu Shao Lun (#7) – 1 goal

Meridian Junior College Roster
Ng An Ning (#2),Tan Shu Ming Vernis (#3), Nur Insyirah Bte Hasim (#4), Lim Zhi Yu Mindy (#6), Jocelyn Lee Xin Yi (#7), Christabel Tan Xin Yi (#8), Celine Koh Jing Xian (#9), Peggy Chan Pei Chi (#11), Ariel Shia Wen (#12), Janani Aarthi Karthikeyan (#13), Low Hui Juan (#14), Nurul Raudha Bte Mohamad Rafi (#17), Nurin Syaurah Bte Amir Hamzah (#19), Vannessa Yeo Swee Sze(#21), Ng Xin Min (#23), Shen Weixian (#26), Phoebe Ong (#27), Ho Hui Ting (#28), Adeena Bte Mohamed Nagib (#33), Ho Lin Xuan (#80)

Yishun Junior College Roster
M Vaishnavi (#2), Ong Swee Ling (#3), Lu Yew Hui (#4), Liu Shao Lun (#7), Sabriana Boon Shi Si(#8), Cheng Xin Yi (#9), Chan Rui Jia Ericia (#10), Joycelyn Tan Xiao Qi (#11), Pang Hui Ping (#12), Tang Si Ni Amanda (#13), Koh Qi Rui Glenda (#14), Matsuo Yu (#16), Moo Hui Ming (#17), Gabrielle Goh Kai Ling (#18), Chloe Then Jiaqi (#19), Daphne Ong Jia Lin (#21), Toh Yue Min (#22), Nur Harita Bte Mohd Tahir (#24), Siti Muliyanti Bte Ab Rahman (#26), Sar Jing Yi Candia (#28)

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