Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by REDintern Louisa Goh


Nor Nellysha Puteri Azran (IJC #24) and Ade Tan (HCI #7) fight for control of the ball. With 2:26 minutes of game play left, Ade was benched for a foul. (Photo 1 © REDintern Louisa Goh)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Friday, May 9, 2014 — Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) beat Innova Junior College (IJC) 5—2 for their first win in the National A Division Girls Floorball Championship.

HCI had drawn 2–2 with Raffles Institution (RI) in their opening game. For IJC, this was their second loss after a 1–8 defeat to RI.

A goalless first period saw Phang Shi Ting of HCI twisted her right knee and she had to pull out of the match. IJC had a couple of shots but HCI denied them. A scuffle in the 8th minute saw Ganaban Raya Mae Meneses (IJC #56) given a 2-minute penalty.

HCI pulled themselves together for the second period. The first half of this period saw Judith Lim (HCI #9) and Tiffany Leung (HCI #77) scoring one goal each to give their team a 2–0 lead. Sandra Ng (HCI #21) scored the third goal for HCI just 50 seconds before the end of the second period.

IJC broke their duck when Ganaban Raya Mae Meneses (IJC #56) scored their first goal just 30 seconds into the third period. IJC then had a close shave when they almost conceded a fourth goal, but they managed to save it in time.

Five minutes into the third period, Ko Yu Mei (HCI #11) received a 2-minute penalty and Jasreen Ng (IJC #22) took advantage to score the second for IJC to make it 2–3. However, Teng Siao Shuen (HCI #10) quickly replied with a goal to give HCI a more comfortable 4–2 lead.

HCI finally put the game to bed when Sandra Ng (HCI #21) scored the last goal of the match to ensure a 5—2 victory for HCI.

Judith Lim (#9), captain of HCI, said, “I think the game went all right but definitely we could have done a lot better. It was not our top form today, partly because we had a few injured players in the middle of the game. The things we usually could have done during training, we didn’t do today. I think there is still room for improvement and we will come back better in the next few games.”

Scores by period
Period 1: 0–0
Period 2: 3–0 (3–0)
Period 3: 2–2
Final Score: 5–2

HCI roster
Tham Hui Hui (#2), Beth Chan Hui Fang (#4), Chua Siyun (#5), Tan Xin Ning Ade (#7), Tanya Chee (#8), Judith Lim Han (#9), Teng Siao Shuen (#10), Ko Yu Mei (#11), Jio Hu Zhen (#13), Puah Wei Lin (#15), Lim Fang Yi (#16), Tricia Toh Hui Min (#17), Eleanor Chua Wing Hwee (#18), Pek Jiawen Dana (#19), Chang Shin Yee (#20), Sandra Ng Yi Ling (#21), Phang Shi Ting (#25), Clarissa Wong (#27), Sonia Anand (#58), Leung Ka Yan Tiffany (#77)

IJC roster
Nurul Afiqah Bte Suwandi (#1), Chee Jia Wen Carmen (#2), Tee Yan Xin (#3), Chiang Pei Xuan (#4), Nur Hanna Maria D/O Mohamed R (#5), Nurul Aqilah Adriana Bte J (#10), Phoebe Chee Min Hui (#12), Nurin Batrisyia Bte Nazri (#13), Wong Hin Yee Grace (#14), Margaret See Gwee Boon (#15), Divya Singh (#16), Nur Ummairah Suratte Bte G M, (#18), Nur’Amirah Izalia Bte Rohaizad (#21), Ng Kai En Jasreen (#22), Sim Wan Zhen (#23), Nor Nellysha Puteri Azran (#24), R NishiTha (#25), Ling Wen Xi (#35), Ganaban Raya Mae Meneses (#56), Alvina Koh Ting Rong (#69)

National A Division Girls Floorball Championship – fixtures and results

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