Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by REDintern Louisa Goh


Gajeshwaran S/O Rajendran (PJC #7) and Emmanuel Lee (NJC #13) tussle for the ball. (Photo 1 © REDintern Louisa Goh)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 — Pioneer Junior College (PJC) beat National Junior College (NJC) 4–0 in the preliminary round of the National A Division Floorball Championship.

Ong Jiaming (PJC #15) had a hat-trick for his team in the victory.

This was PJC’s first win after their 2–4 loss to River Valley High in their opening game.

For NJC, this is their second straight loss after going down 1–14 to Victoria Junior College in their season opener.

PJC denied NJC on two occasions in the first half of the first period, before Najiy Mohamed Farooq (PJC #4) scored the first goal of the match for PJC.

It wasn’t long when Jiaming (PJC #15) scored the second goal for PJC. Jiaming scored his second and PJC’s third in the last 30 seconds of the first period to make it 3–0.

After several unsuccessful attempts to score by either team, Jiaming (PJC #15) eventually scored the last goal of the match for PJC in the 11th minute of the second period.

Najiy (PJC #4), captain of PJC said, “The match went well in the first period but I think in the second and third period, we let ourselves down a bit. We expected to score more and get more goals, but we just couldn’t get.

“But we tried our best and I think I’m very proud of the boys and I think we did a good job. I think my team is disciplined and we train hard, but one thing we can improve on is maybe our fighting spirit, especially when we are winning, we should keep our focus and concentration like as seen today. We should have kept our focus and concentration to try to score more goals.”

Score by period
Period 1: 3–0
Period 2: 1–0 (4–0)
Period 3: 0–0
Full Time: 4–0

PJC roster
Mohamed Annurnizan B Mohamed A (#1), Nick Foo Guo Sheng (#2), Najiy Mohamed Farooq (#4), Ng Bo Yang Samuel (#5), Lye Sheng Yang (#6), Gajeshwaran S/O Rajendran (#7), Liew Jia Wei Nicholas (#10), Ng Chong Zhi (#11), Chan Yong Xiang (#13), Ong Jiaming (#15), Muhammad Danish B Salem (#17), Lim Tian Jun (#18), Gaikwad Apurv Dnyandeo (#19), Lim Yanhan (#21), Chan Chow Khung (#23), Yan Nyein Aung (#24), Peter Reuben Liem (#25), Chia Ken-Yang Isaac (#27), Leong Min Feng (#29), Lin Zhenghong (#33)

NJC roster
Liew Shan Jun (#1), Joseph Lee Jing Xian (#2), Bryan Ng Soon Wei (#3), Su Yong Xuan Zen (#4), Cheong Ren Hao (#5), Tiong Jun Hua Ryan (#7), Tan Kian Meng (#8), Tan Peng Sheng (#9), Gan Zi Xing (#10), Wong Kang Wei Isaac (#11), Emmanuel Lee Zong Wei (#13), Gan Ming Rui Jeff (#17), Ng Jing Xun (#18), Lau Yongle (#21), Wong Ze Ming (#25), Derrick Tan Yuan Tjun (#27), Ng Kit Eee (#28), Ng U-Hui Gideon (#36), Tan Shiau (#49), Tay Jun Hong (#88), Ankur Jain (#99)

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