Story by REDintern Lynn Chia. Photos by Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

National B Div Floorball Bukit Merah Secondary St. Margaret's Secondary

Alfie Kwa (SMS #17) attempts a shot against Bukit Merah. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

Bedok Sports Hall, Wednesday, February 18, 2014 — Bukit Merah Secondary (BMS) defended their championship title for the second year running by defeating St. Margaret’s Secondary (SMS) 13–2 in the final of the National B Division Floorball Championship.

This is the first time that St. Margaret’s have made the final.

Siti Nurhaliza (BMS #8) was the top scorer of the game with four goals, while Alfie Kwa (SMS #17) led her team with two.

In the first period, Alfie (SMS #17) showed composure and speed in her multiple attempts at the Bukit Merah goal. Bukit Merah utilized an offensive full court pressure, forcing SMS into a defensive stance.

Bukit Merah were playing with a diamond formation, with three main attackers and a defender. St. Margaret’s defence were unable to keep up as Bukit Merah scored four goals in the first period.

The second period saw a continuation of Bukit Merah’s dominance, fueled by outstanding ball control and speed. Alfie (SMS #17) scored a goal midway through the period, but it wasn’t enough to daunt Bukit Merah. The reliance on Alfie (SMS #17) as the main attacker also revealed St. Margaret’s weakness in offence. Bukit Merah exploited this weakness to build a 9–1 lead at the end of the period.

St. Margaret’s were more composed and organised in the final period, but Bukit Merah maintained their offensive aggression. They intercepted many of St. Margaret’s passes to score and eventually held on for the 13–2 victory to defend their title.

Bukit Merah’s captain, Shermaine Goh (#52), said, “I think it was a well-played game because what we wanted was achieved by putting in all our effort. Some shots had been challenging to save, but overall, I felt that everyone did well.”

Vice-captain and top scorer, Siti Nurhaliza (#8), added, “I think this is the best game that our team has ever played because we really worked well together.”

St. Margaret’s captain, Alfie (#17), commented, “I think it was an amazing match and whatever happens on court stays on court. I’m really proud of the team because of the team spirit that helped us to pull ourselves together even when we are down.”

Vice-captain, Fhazleena (#8) added, “Our coach is our inspiration. We wouldn’t be here without our coach and we never gave up. I’m really, really proud of the team too.”

Scoring by Period
Bukit Merah vs St. Margaret’s
1st Period: 4–0
2nd Period: 9–1 (5–1)
3rd Period: 13–2 (4–1)

Top Scorers
Bukit Merah
Siti Nurhaliza Bte Khairul A (#8) – 4 goals
Lina Chu (#24) – 3 goals
Ong Siew Keng Jacqlene (#14), Koh Jia Hui (#19) – 3 goals

St. Margaret’s
Kwa Li Yan Alfie (#17) – 2 goals

Bukit Merah Roster
Siti Nuraisyah Bte Samri (#4), Chew Ho Ying (#7), Siti Nurhaliza Bte Khairul A (#8), Farhanah Bte Ismail (#9), Fion Ong (#11), Jacqlene (#14), Berdan Jerymae Concepcion (#17), Koh Jia Hui (#19), Nur Ellyqa bte Suhaimi (#20), Casandra Er Dai Yan (#21), Edelyn Grace A Embile (#22), Lina Chu (#24), Pauline Leung Poh Huan (#33), Shermaine Goh Xin Mei (#52)

St. Margaret’s Roster
Nur Syafiqah Bte Sulaiman (#2), Iman Bte Jumahat (#3) Tan Hui Ying Renee (#4), Lew Yan Ru Rachel (#6), Fhazleena Bte Mohamed Fareedu (#8), Yip Ying Mun Emily (#9), Seet Shi Min (#10), Nurliza Bte Sani (#12), Liyana Bte Ibrahim (#13), Rachel Ong Kai Wen (#14), Kathijathul Afrin Bte M S (#16), Kwa Li Yan Alfie (#17), Katriel Loh Wenshu (#24), Goh Xiu Ping Michelle (#26), Lee Yan Lin Jacelyn (#91), Ashmita G (GK)

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