By Merey Tan

ocbc cycle singapore

190 toddlers aged 2 to 3 got a chance to ride on the race track in front of the F1 Pit Building. (Photo 1 courtesy of Merey Tan)

F1 Pit Building, Saturday, March 29, 2014 — While the adults and professionals took centre stage over the weekend, over 900 children got a chance to also hit the road at the 2014 OCBC Cycle Singapore.

Amidst much fanfare from the cheering parents forming the most ardent supporters, 190 toddlers aged 2 to 3 pedaled their little wheels down the racetrack in front of the F1 Pit building. Some were a bit teary-eyed and overwhelmed by the noise and the crowd.

Fahim, 3, came in first, with daddy Ashraf running behind him. “This is the second year that Fahim is taking part. I bring him for other sports events like the POSB kids runs too!” the doting father said.

The biggest number of participants of 660 took part in the Mighty Savers, with two categories from ages 5–7 and 7–9. Parents also rode the distance of 5km with them.

Matthew Yeo, 5, is a first-time participant. His father, Derek Yeo, specially borrowed a bike so that he could cycle together with Matthew.

Derek, who enjoyed the event, said, “5km is the longest distance that Matthew has ever cycled.” Matthew added, “It’s very fun! I will ask my little sister to take part next year.”

The final event for Day 2 was the Junior Challenge, which saw 84 children between the ages of 10 to 12, cycling as many laps as they could within 30 minutes.

Stephanie Chia, 12, one of the few female cyclists, was a second time participant. The eloquent Stephanie shared that the first time she took part was in 2012. “I feel that the event is very well organized this year. There are many volunteers along the way to ensure safety.”

Stephanie added, “I find cycling very enjoyable and the longest distance that I have clocked is 52km. So I hope to join my dad and elder brother in the community ride next year.”

Daddy Alvin Chia is a cycling enthusiast who has been taking part in the event for the past three years. He tries to cycle at least once a week to prepare for the 40km Challenge event, which was held at 6.15am on Sunday, March 30. Alvin said, “The government should continue to expand the park connector network to encourage more people to take up cycling as a way of life.”