Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Hui Min (SP #6) and Yvonne Wiu (SP #7) manage to catch the rebound. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic Sports Complex, Saturday, March 29, 2014 – Singapore Polytechnic (SP) beat National University of Singapore (NUS) 18–11 to finish third at the Tertiary Women’s Tchoukball Championship.

SP led 11–4 at half time.

In the semi-finals, SP had lost to Republic Polytechnic (RP) 12–13 while NUS went down 10–18 to the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM).

The match started with NUS scoring within 30 seconds. SP subsequently scored three straight points through Chanel Ding (SP #12) and Nur Hanisah Bte Mohd Johari George (SP #14) before NUS replied with a point.

SP pulled away to establish a 7—2 lead before Grace Ng (NUS #4) broke SP’s series of consecutive points by scoring another throw. Tan Yen Yi (NUS #14) then added another point for NUS but that prove their final in the first half before SP scored four more points through Chanel (SP #12) and Nur Hanisah (SP #14) for an 11–4 half-time lead.

NUS’ first attempt to attack in the second half missed the frame, resulting in SP being awarded one point. However, NUS managed three straight points before Chanel (SP #12) scored to trigger a four-point streak for SP to lead 16–7. NUS then registered three consecutive points to reduce the deficit to six points.

That was the closest NUS could get in the last three minutes of the match as Edwina Ngan (SP #2) made the final three successful throws for SP. NUS scored a final point but could not stop SP from clinching third position in this championship with a score of 18—11.

Yvonne Wiu (SP #7), captain of SP, said, “I think all our players did very well for that match and we did do our best to defend well and attack well. I think what my team can improve on is not to be mentally distracted so that we can be 100% focused, because the [semi-final] game we lost previously was due to too many things going on while on court, so I believe that my players were quite distracted. Although they were distracted, they still got back up again. So the thing they should look into is not to let the atmosphere distract them and play to their best till the very last minute.”

Final Score
SP 18 NUS 11 (HT: 11–4)

SP roster
Edwina Ngan Ye Luan (#2), Siow Hui Min (#6), Wiu Xuan Lin Yvonne (#7), Tan Swee Eng Theresa (#8), Yvonne Low (#9), Koko Sia (#10), Chanel Ding Meiqian (#12), Nur Hanisah Bte Mohd Johari George (#14), Shannon Tan Jia Ying (#16), Ong Miao Hwee (#18), Lim Zi Wei (#21), See Xin Xiu (#28)

NUS roster
Ong Rui Xin Sherlyn (#1), Ng Li Ching Grace (#4), Lim Zi Qi (#5), Ng Yuqi Jocelyn (#6), Loh Jun Yi (#7), Lee Hsiao Fong (#8), Yeo Kun Lin Glenda (#9), Glenda Tan Yu Fang (#10), Ng Bao Hui (#11), Choo Yun Fei (#12), Ong Sie Yuan (#13), Tan Yen Yi (#14)

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