Story by REDintern Lim Ying Xian. Photos by Clara Yuan and Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

ntu institutional archery championships 2014

Myk Yan Meng (NP) shoots during the Recurve Open Gold Medal Match against Tan Si Lie of NTU. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

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NTU Sports and Recreational Centre Multipurpose Field, March 9, 2014 – Myk Yan Meng of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) edged out Tan Si Lie of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to win the Recurve Open Gold while NP were crowned as overall champions of the 6th NTU Institutional Archery Championship (NTU IAC).

Myk Yan Meng (NP) was tied with Tan Si Lie (NTU) 5—5 in the 5th end of the Recurve Open Individual Elimination gold medal match. Yan Meng (NP) won the gold medal by a close shave in the one-arrow shootout.

Compound Open Best Distance winner Ang Hwee Ying (NP) clinched gold in the women’s Individual Elimination.

The last events on Day 2 of the 6th NTU IAC were the gold medal matches for the open categories. For Compound Open, Pang Qing Liang (NTU) and Ang Hwee Ying (NP) fought through the multiple stages of the Individual Elimination to vie for the gold medal. Qing Liang (NTU), who was the 5th seed in the qualification rounds, had previously defeated first seed Chew Der Lun (NP) 132—126 in the semi-finals. Hwee Ying (NP), the second seed, previously beat third seed Chong Geng Ming 129—123 in the semi-finals to move on to the gold medal match. After a fairly close match, Hwee Ying, who was also the winner of Compound Open (50m) Best Distance, eventually beat Qing Liang 138—128 to win the Compound Open gold.

The gold medal match for Recurve Open was a spectacle with the adaptation of the international competition format that featured alternate shooting and the results being announced immediately. As the ground crew prepared for the match, the supporters and everyone present at the field gathered at boards 1 and 2 to watch the final showdown of this competition.

In the first scoring end, Tan Si Lie (NTU) was the first to shoot, followed by Myk Yan Meng (NP). Yan Meng (NP) scored 27 for his three arrows, and Si Lie (NTU) scored 24 in the first end. Yan Meng won this end to lead 2—0.

Yan Meng was still outperforming Si Lie 26–24 in the second end to establish a 4—0 lead. Si Lie (NTU) finally caught up with Yan Meng (NP) by winning the third end 27–26. Both archers were tied 25–25 in the fourth end, with their set-points now standing at 3—5. One last scoring end was required since no archer had hit six set points yet. Si Lie won the fifth scoring end to tie it up at 5—5 to force a one-arrow shootout.

Both archers hit eight points in the one-arrow shootout but Yan Meng won the gold medal because his arrow was just under half an inch nearer the centre than Si Lie’s.

Yan Meng said, “It (the experience) was hell, because my heart was trembling, my body was shaking and my mental (concentration) was unstable, so it was quite hard, I guess. But I did my best and managed to get the (gold) medal.”

NP were crowned at the overall champions with an impressive medal haul of 11 golds, seven silvers and three bronzes. Captain of NP Archey Club, Zhang Jing Kang, said, “I was first surprised, because we did not have much training after all. We had just finished our major exams and we only had a few trainings before coming to NTU (IAC), so I was surprised and happy at the same time that our team won.”

Jing Kang also set his sights high for his team, saying, “The goal I’ve set for myself would be to improve on the team spirit and (build up) good communication with everyone. As for upcoming competitions, our goal is to win the overall championship again.”

At the prize giving ceremony, on top of the NTU IAC awards, the Guest of Honour, Mr Hugh Lim, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth was invited to present two special awards to two archers for their achievements at the 2013 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. Chan Jing Ru of NUS and Tan Si Lie of NTU were each given a Special Achievement Award. Jing Ru won the SEA Games 2013 Recurve Women’s Individual Elimination gold medal, while Si Lie teamed up with Jing Ru to win the silver medal in the Recurve Mixed Team Elimination category.

Individual Elimination Gold and Silver Medallists
Recurve Open
Gold: Myk Yan Meng (NP)
Silver: Tan Si Lie (NTU)

Compound Open
Gold: Ang Hwee Ying (NP)
Silver: Pang Qing Liang (NTU)

Overall Challenge Cup Winner
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (11 golds, 7 silvers and 3 bronzes)

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