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Matthew Lee (ACS(I) #11) attempting a pass. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

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PESEB, Friday, March 7, 2014 — Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) defeated Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 7–5 to clinch the National C Division Boys Water Polo Championship.

The two teams last met in the first round of the competition, where ACS(I) claimed a 7–2 victory. Entering the final, ACS(I) remained undefeated while ACS(BR) only suffered that sole loss.

Jeremy Lee (#2) and Yap Hui (#6) of ACS(I) tallied two goals each in the game. Vance Tay (#2) and Evan Loo (#7) of ACS(BR) also registered two goals each.

Matthew Lee (#11) of ACS(I) had the first shot of the final. His shot was on target but it landed in the safe hands of the goalkeeper, Kaydon Lim (#1). Vance Tay (#2) of ACS(BR) then took a couple of shots, a few of which were close-range shots but he failed to convert them. Both teams appeared to be evenly-matched as they ended up scoreless at the end of the first period.

In the second quarter, Vance (#2) of ACS(BR) fired a backhand shot to register the first goal of the game. His teammate Evan Loo (#7) added another goal to the scoreboard shortly after to give ACS(BR) a 2–0 lead.

In the following transition play, Jeremy Lee (#2) of ACS(I) finally scored a goal for his team to make it 1–2. With three minutes left to go in the first half, ACS(I) called for a time-out. After the short break, ACS(I) made more passes offensively, making their defenders swim more. Their efforts were rewarded when Yap Hui (#6) found the back of the net with a shot to tie it at 2–2.

The first half ended with the game tied at 3–3, with a goal each from Lok Yan Xuan (#6) of ACS(BR) and Jeremy (#2) of ACS(I).

Teo Sheen Yeoh (#4) of ACS(BR) demonstrated good defense in the third quarter, intercepting many passes and also denying his opponents’ shots. However, the third quarter continued to be a tight affair as both teams scored one each, making it 4–4 going into the decisive last quarter.

Both sides, eager to shoot first, took many shots from the start of the fourth. Just one minute into the quarter, Hong Yan Jie (#10) of ACS(I) scored to give the team their first lead of the game. Yap Hui (#6) followed with another goal to give ACS(I) a two-goal lead (6–4).

ACS(I) were more focused during their plays in this quarter. On the other hand, ACS(BR) were slowing down.Despite that, Vance (#2) of ACS(BR) managed to score one to reduce the deficit to one goal (5–6) after a scoring drought, giving ACS(BR) hopes of a comeback.

However, with one minute remaining in regulation, a goal from Joshua Ong (#3) of ACS(I) sealed the game 7–5 to deny ACS(BR) the championship title.

ACS(I) captain, Sean (#1), said, “It was a tough game as we were trailing at first, but we caught up. It was really tough and I’m glad to have such awesome teammates who kept believing. We have dedicated coaches who have taught us many skills and we managed to apply them today.”

Scoring by Quarter
1Q: 0–0
2Q: 3–3 (3–3)
3Q: 1–1 (4–4)
4Q: 3–1 (7–5)

Top Scorers
Jeremy Lee (#2) – 2 goals
Yap Hui (#6) – 2 goals

Vance Tay (#2) – 2 goals
Evan Loo (#7) – 2 goals

ACS(I) Roster
Sean Sng (#1), Jeremy Lee (#2), Joshua Ong (#3), Caleb Chern (#4), Benedict Ong (#5), Yap Hui (#6), Colin Mok (#7), Chris Chan (#8), Chan Tze Kai (#9), Hong Yan Jie (#10), Matthew Lee (#11), Paul Loh (#12), Cameron Tan (#13)

ACS(BR) Roster
Kaydon Lim (#1), Vance Tay (#2), Tobias Hogan (#3), Teo Sheen Yeoh (#4), Skyler Wang (#5), Lok Yan Xuan (#6), Evan Loo (#7), Low Shoon Ern (#8), Josiah Ho (#9), Ian Lek (#10), Goh Jing Rui (#11), Dominic Chan (#12), Seth Tay (#13)

National C Division Boys Water Polo Championship — Fixtures and Results

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