Story by REDIntern Neo Jiexin. Photos by Joseph Lee/Red Sports


Hanbin (SIM #22) denying Rudy (TP #23) as he goes for a lay-up. (Photo 1 © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

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NTU Sports and Recreation Centre, Tuesday, January 14, 2014 — Temasek Polytechnic (TP) held on to their lead against Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) to win 81–70 in the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Basketball Championship.

Larry Liew (TP #11) and Ng Hanbin (SIM #22) both scored a game-high 20 points.

Early into the game, TP was the dominant team with Alistier (TP #5) contributing 12 points, giving his team a comfortable lead of 25–16 by the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, SIM stepped up their game in hopes of overcoming the 9-point deficit earlier on, making swift passes round the half court. Richard (SIM #2) was on the ball, driving into the paint at every opportunity, breaking TP’s defence and earning free throws. However, his efforts proved to be futile as John (TP #13) netted two 3-pointers effortlessly. TP was leading 39–31 by the end of first half.

The second half then commenced with SIM playing the catch up game and with TP attempting to extend their lead. Both teams made quick passes and looked for clear chances to score points, which kept the game flowing at a frenetic pace.

SIM’s hopes to reduce the deficit came when Hanbin (SIM #22) played his game. He made numerous shot attempts and managed to convert at a high rate. This made TP’s defence look flustered and his opponents were unable to contain his scoring streak. He put in 14 points for his the team in the last quarter alone.

On the other hand, despite Hanbin’s (SIM #22) strong presence, Larry (TP #11) continued to connect well with his team mates and this allowed him to score easy baskets. Ding Loon (TP #32) was strong on the boards, ripping down several rebounds which resulted in transition offenses for his team. The reappearance of Jun Rong (#37) in the final minutes secured the lead for TP as he made aggressive offensive efforts.

It was evident that Hanbin’s (SIM #22) scoring streak came too late as TP managed to fend off their opponents’ efforts in overcoming an early deficit. The game ended 81-70, with TP sealing the win.

SIM captain Lim Yong Teck (#13) commented: “Our turnovers allowed TP to widen the lead early, and we were not as mentally prepared as TP. TP demonstrated maturity in their game and they did really well, both offensively and defensively. We hope to improve our offensive and defensive plays in our next game against NUS.”

TP captain Rudy (#23) said: “We enjoyed the game and this win is attributed to the trainings that the team has gone through. The younger ones in the team are very fit and they have contributed significantly to the scoring. I think Larry did really well. When SIM caught up, our coach has asked us to keep calm and just play to what he’s asked us to. And yes, we played our game and we are happy with the results.”

SIM will face National University of Singapore (NUS) on February 17, Friday. The game will be played at NTU Sports and Recreation Centre and will commence at 7pm.

Scoring by Quarter
1Q: 16–25
2Q: 15–14 (31–39)
3Q: 15–23 (46–62)
4Q: 24–19 (70–81)
Final score: 70–81

Top Scorers
Ng Hanbin (#22) – 20 points (3 x 3 pointer)
Tan Jin Hong (#83) – 16 points (2 x 3 pointer)

Larry Liew (#11) – 20 points
Alistier Tay (#5) – 16 points
John Ng (#13) – 14 points (3 x 3 pointer)

SIM Roster
Edwin Low Kwok Heng (#1), Neo Li Zhe Richard (#2), Wong Kok Yong Dallas (#5), Phua Hong Yuan (#11), Lim Yong Teck (#13), Tiong Zi Cheng (#14), Wong Kar Chuin Jason (#17), Yeo Zhi Kuang (#24), Ng Hanbin (#22), Jansen Koay Zhen Yen (#23), Koh Wei Jie (#33), Zhou Zhen Jie (#34), Woo Tian Wei (#45), Chase Tan (#83), Ken Owyon Zhi Xiang (#91)

TP Roster
Julian Lim (#1), Marvin Foo (#2), Alistier Tay (#5), Sebastian Acosta (#8), Alvin Hartono (#9), Wang Liang Rong (#10), Larry Liew (#11), John Ng (#13), Shamus Poh (#14), Teo Zhen Kai (#22), Rudy Tan (#23), Tay Ding Loon (#32), Jeric Lim (#34), Thng Jun Rong (#37), Lim Fang Cie (#45)

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