By REDintern Jasmine Goh


Ronald Wee (#24) of Chevron taking a shot against NUS(A). NUS(A) beat Chevron 25–18 and eventually qualified for the final against the A-Team. (Photo courtesy of Jude Tan/Handball Federation of Singapore)

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Jurong West Sports Hall, Sunday, November 17, 2013 — The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU) both lost in the men’s semi-finals of the 2013 Singapore Handball League.

Despite their earlier losses, SMU managed to scrap though to the semi-finals after a narrow 28–26 win over KR Handball and defeating Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) 30–14.

In a topsy-turvy battle, NUS emerged with a 20–19 win over HANTU and defeated Chevron 25–18 to secure their semi-final place.

The first match of the men’s semi-finals saw A-Team defeat NUS with a 20–9 win. Pierre-Jean Tatin (A-Team #9) was the leading scorer with six goals. In their earlier matches, A-Team had overwhelmed SIM 38–15 and SMU 34–14.

In the other semi-final, NUS Alumni (NUSA) defeated SMU 29–16. Tio Yu Chong (NUSA #22) was the top scorer of the game with six goals.

In the women’s league, Breakers and Blitzschnell remained undefeated throughout and are through to the semi-finals as well.

It was a bitter loss for the NUS girls’ team when they fell 11–12 to Stunners to miss out on the semi-finals.

Blitzschnell 31 Stunners 12

Top Scorers
Andrea Ng (#1) – 10 points

Shannon Chia (#10) – 4 points

Breakers 34 Chevrons 11

Top Scorers
Ham Jia Yun (#15) – 7 points

Yvonne Loh (#1) – 4 points

A Team 20 NUS 9

Top Scorers
Pierre-Jean Tatin (#9) – 6 points

Andy Lwi (#4) – 2 points
Jason Chong (#18) – 2 points
Kai Ming (#33) – 2 points
Abisek (#42) – 2 points

NUSA 29 SMU 16

Top Scorers
Tio Yu Chong (#22) – 6 points

Tan Zhi Yang (#9) – 3 points
Edmund Goh (#10) – 3 points
David Wong (#17) – 3 points
Azmi (#18) – 3 points