catholic high vs seng kang c div bball

The Seng Kang #10 lays up for two against Catholic High. Seng Kang won the game but finished third and were out of the running for Round 2. Catholic High finished bottom of the table. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)

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Clementi Sports Hall, Monday, August 19, 2013 – Seng Kang Secondary beat Catholic High 42–27 in their final Round 1 game of the 2013 National C Division Basketball Championship.

The win improved Seng Kang to a 1–2 win-loss record but it left them in third place and out of the running for a spot in Round 2.

Seng Kang, who finished third in the North Zone, were beaten 41–22 by Chung Cheng High (Main) in their opening game of the Nationals. In their second game, they lost 27–48 to Unity Secondary.

For Catholic High, this was their third straight loss and they finished bottom of their group. Catholic High, who finished fourth in the South Zone, were beaten 55–32 by Unity and 39–32 by Chung Cheng High (Main).

Unity topped their group with a perfect 3–0 record with Chung Cheng High (Main) finishing second with a 2–1 record.

Seng Kang Roster
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Catholic High Roster
Travis Thong (#4), Luke Cheong (#5), Fan Yao En (#6), Marcus Chang (#7), Kieran Lim (#8), Lek Jie Wei (#9), Pang Chin Lim (#10), Choon Leng (#11), Teh Jie Ren (#12), Lloyd Ng (#13), Chow Wei Yang (#14), Keith Png (#15)

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