vjc vs mi a div girls final

Genevieve Lee of VJC takes a shot at goal. She scored the opening goal of the game in the 2–0 win. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Jalan Besar Stadium, Thursday, May 23, 2013 — Victoria Junior College (VJC) beat Millennia Institute (MI) 2–0 to win their fifth National A Division Girls’ Football Championship title in six years.

Both schools had faced off last year in the third/fourth placing match.

In the first half, VJC controlled the play and dominated possession, attempting numerous shots on goal, but the ball never seemed to find the back of the net.

VJC finally broke the stalemate in the 26th minute. Genevieve Lee (#13) capitalised on a corner kick from outside the penalty area to send the ball into the goal. She had opted to stand outside the penalty area, where she was uninterrupted by the chaos inside the penalty area where many had amassed. MI’s goalkeeper, Nadzirah Eunos, deflected her shot, but the ball slipped out of her hands and went into goal. There was a long silence as the VJC supporters wondered if VJC had indeed scored a goal, and they subsequently broke into a loud cheer when they were certain.

Barely a minute later, Vikki Lim (VJC #19) was tripped by an MI player and VJC were awarded a penalty. Lim Li Xian (VJC #10), VJC’s top scorer, stepped up to take the shot and put it into the bottom right of the goal for a 2–0 lead.

Just before the first half came to a close, Genevieve (#13) twisted her ankle after a tackle. She was back on the field in the second half, but her performance was not the same.

MI, not about to let VJC have such an easy win, repeatedly plowed their way through the field to make several shots, none of which found its target. They persisted all the way till the end, almost scoring a goal in injury time, but it sailed over the bar.

“I’m very happy for this result!” exclaimed an exuberant Lawrence Lee, the VJC coach.

“The girls have put in a lot of effort, having started training immediately after their exams. The early start also allowed the freshmen, who make up about half the team, to bond with the seniors, hence their high team spirit!”

“They came back this year much hungrier, which might have stemmed from them missing out on the final last year.”

VJC’s captain Genevieve Lee was quick to agree on this point.

“Since we were unable to qualify for the final last year, we were very determined to make a comeback this year. I’m extremely happy for the team result!” she beamed.

“After I twisted my ankle in the first half, I couldn’t perform as well. Luckily, my teammates were able to cover for me!”

Genevieve’s elder brother, an ex-footballer, was also there to support her, taping up her twisted ankle which saw her back on the field in the second half.

“Although half the team is new, we’re really bonded, and the team spirit really shone through on the field.”

VJC also had another achievement to celebrate when Lim Li Xian (#10) won the top scorer award.

“I’m very grateful for this award! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teammates,” said Li Xian, a JC1 student.

Li Xian has been in the sport since she was seven, her interest piqued by her two elder brothers who liked to kick the ball around for fun. She then further pursued her interest when she was 12, joining an external club, the Young Women, which is under the Football Association of Singapore.

MI’s captain Nazartul Shehnaz (#7) paid homage to her team’s efforts. “No matter what the result is today, my team will always be champions in my eyes.”

“We weren’t expecting to make it to the final, since most of us do not have any background.”

MI had beaten last year’s runner-up Meridian Junior College 3–0 in the semi-finals via a penalty shootout.

“During training, we went by our motto: “If they’re fast, we’re faster. If they’re strong, we’re stronger! Most of the team will still be around next year, so we should be able to stand a good chance next year,” added Nazartul.

Final Result
VJC 2 MI 0

Genevieve Lee Min (VJC #13) – 26′
Lim Li Xian (VJC #10) – 28′

VJC Team Roster
Sim Si Hui (#3), Sara Merican (#5), Tan Myen Hilary (#7), Siti Nabilah Bte Rahman (#8), Tho Bei Yi Joey (#9, GK), Lim Li Xian (#10), Jolene Pea Zuo Lin (#12), Genevieve Lee Min (#13), Cheryl Lim (#16), Jasmine Apryl Tan Szu Yin (#18), Vikki Lim Li (#19)

Reserves: Ong Sue Cern (#2), Grace Yeo Huan Jing (#4), Anisha Chaudhari (#6), Shannen Lee (#11), Ashley Chew Yue Lieng (#14), Ho Yii Hwei (#15), Jennifer Zoontjens (#17), Seet Xi Ning (#20)

MI Team Roster
Nadzirah Eunos (#1, GK), Nurul Aquilah Aris (#6), Nazartul Shehnaz M R (#7), Jacobbina Ng Jin Wen (#8), Nor Ellynawati Hamdan (#9), Serena Bok Keh Le (#10), Quek Yi Xian (#11), Sarah Chu Mun (#12), Azuratasha Azhar (#17), Marsyah Ahmad Sharif (#19), Nur’ Ain Syafurah Safari (#21)

Reserves: Nasitah Aswen (#4), Hannah Ibrahim (#5), Faye Yeo Shu Fei (#14), Desi Marina ohammad (#15), Siti Hawa Samsudin (#16), Aliyah Adilah Ab Rahim (#20), Chen Shiying Alicia (#23), Fatin Afiqah Azman (#24), Dhurga D/O Kalaysilvan (#25)

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