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jjc vs nyjc

Yong Wee (#4) of JJC defends against his NYJC opponent. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Clementi Sports Hall, Friday, April 26, 2013 — Jurong Junior College (JJC) defeated Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) 36–32 to enter the second round of the National A Division Boys’ Basketball Championship.

It was a low-scoring first quarter, with NYJC securing the first shot. JJC’s Leong Heng Wei (#10) scored their first basket and equalised at 2–2 five minutes in the quarter. Consecutive jumpers from Huang Wei Ling (#12) and Heng Wei (#10) gave JJC an 8–6 lead at the end of the first quarter.

JJC’s Heng Wei (#10) opened the second quarter with a shot, while teammate Atay Wee (#6) continued to extend their lead with another basket. Meanwhile, Jordan Wang (#12) of NYJC sunk in a free throw successfully but they continued to trail 7–14 at the end of the second quarter.

The second half opened with Alden Ong (#13) of NYJC converting his free throw. After a scoring drought from JJC for the first six minutes, captain Ronald Yip (#7) inspired his team with a three. The baskets started rolling in for JJC from then as they went on a 6–0 run within one minute. NYJC struggled to sink in their attempts in the later part of this quarter and Heng Wei’s (#10) baseline jumper at the end of the quarter still saw them trail JJC 14–25.

Darius Chan (#7) of NYJC started the last quarter with a three, motivating teammate Lyon Chia (#10) to continue with a smooth back-hand lay-up and another three. NYJC were closing up on JJC at 23–27 but Wei Ling (#12) widened the gap again with consecutive under-baskets.

Undeterred, Lyon (#10) of NYJC replied with a three again to narrow the score at 30–33. Teammate Ler Puay Him (#9) threw JJC into panic when his basket brought NYJC to within one point. To JJC’s relief, Ronald (#7) led his team to a 36–32 victory with a final three-pointer.

Captain of JJC, Ronald Yip (#7), was pleased with their performance.

“We played great, despite slowing down in the second half. NYJC nearly caught us in the last quarter but we managed to keep our composure,” said Ronald.

Alex Lee (#11), captain of NYJC commented: “We fought well. However, we are a young team so our team chemistry is not there yet. I believe we still have great potential.”

Score by Quarter
1st Quarter: 8–6
2nd Quarter: 6–1 (14–7)
3rd Quarter: 11–7 (25–14)
4th Quarter: 11–18 (36–32)

JJC Roster
Yong Wee (#4), Edrick Lie (#5), Tay Wee (#6), Ronald Yip (#7), Ong JingHan (#8), Tang Wei Yu (#9), Leong Heng Wei (#10), Shearer Tan (#11), Huang Wei Ling (#12), Tan Wei Yang (#13), Ng Soon Seng (#14), Shi Xi Qing (#15)

NYJC Roster
Koh Yu Rong (#4), Marvin Ng Jien Kiat (#5), Kelvin Ng (#6), Darius Chan Hong Da (#7), Brian Wan Xu Hao (#8), Ler Puay Him (#9), Lyon Chia (#10), Alex Lee Chin Soon (#11), Wang Jun Hao Jordan (#12), Alden Ong Jing Kai (#13), Koh Yu Rui (#14), David Tham (#15)

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