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a div boys 4x400m relay final

Zubin Muncherji of ACJC lets out a roar of delight after he saw off the challenge of Ow Yeong Yu Xiang of HCI to anchor his team to victory in the A Div 4x400m relay final. (Photo 1 © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Choa Chu Kang Sports Complex, Wednesday, April 17, 2013 — Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) saw off the challenge of Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) to win the A Division boys’ 4×400 metres relay gold at the 54th National Schools Track and Field Championships. Singapore Sports School took the gold medals in the B and C Division boys’ 4x400m relay finals.

The C Division final saw the closest finish. Singapore Sports School won in 3:46.16 to edge out Catholic High by just 0.48s. Catholic High stopped the clock at 3:46.64 while Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) were third with a 3:51.28 timing, just 0.23s ahead of HCI who found themselves out of the medals.

The C Division 4x400m relay record is 03:37.25 and it was set by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in 2008.

HCI and Catholic High were the leaders in the first leg with Sports School in third. Sports School took the lead in the second leg with Catholic High and HCI not far behind.

The final 100m dash down the straight during the final leg saw Irfan Qabeel of Sports School and Goh Jie-En of Catholic High fighting for first place with Irfan hitting the finish first. Joshua Lim of ACS(I) outran Damon Tan of HCI to secure the bronze.

In the B Division final, Sports School took the gold by finishing in 3:33.77. HCI were a distant second in 3:39.09 with ACS(I) just 0.61s behind in 03.39.70.

The B Division 4x400m relay record is 3:26.55 and was set by Raffles Institution in 2003.

The first leg saw Catholic High take the lead with ACS(I) in second and Sports School third. Catholic High started to fall behind and ACS(I) took the lead in the second leg with Sports School second and HCI third.

In the third leg, Shahrieza of Sports School overtook Kim Han Seng of ACS(I) to give his anchor runner Gary Wee the lead. Gary established a commanding lead in the fourth leg, leaving Clarence Tan of HCI and Brian Foong of ACS(I) to fight it out for second and third place. Clarence finished second for HCI to win the silver by 0.61s.

In the A Division final, ACJC finished first with a 3:23.68 timing. Hwa Chong Institution were second in 3:24.14 while Raffles Institution were third in 3:26.40.

The A Division 4x400m relay record of 3:19.64 was set by Raffles Institution in 2011.

RI led in the first leg with ACJC and HCI following. In the second leg, Benjamin Tang of HCI overtook Yusuff Abdul Rahman of ACJC to move HCI into second.

In the third leg, Raymond Lee of HCI and Clement Chan of ACJC overtook Eugene Tan of RI to set up a final leg. At the final handover, Ow Yeong Yu Xiang of HCI and Zubin Muncherji of ACJC took the batons at almost the same time. Both runners were neck and neck for about 100m before Zubin pulled away to establish a slim lead. As he slowed slightly heading into the final bend, Yu Xiang had a last burst of speed as he attempted to overtake Zubin but the ACJC runner maintained his lead to win gold.

C Division Boys’ 4x400m Relay Results
1st Singapore Sports School — 03:46.16
2nd Catholic High School — 03:46.64
3rd Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) — 03:51.28
4th Hwa Chong Institution — 03:51.51
5th Raffles Institution — 03:56.07
6th Victoria School — 03:57.64
7th Seng Kang Secondary — 04:07.26
8th St. Joseph’s Institution — Disqualified

B Division Boys’ 4x400m Relay Results
1st Singapore Sports School — 03:33.77
2nd Hwa Chong Institution — 03:39.09
3rd Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) — 03:39.70
4th Catholic High School — 03:41.33
5th Woodlands Secondary — 03:41.74
6th Victoria School — 03:42.42
7th Chung Cheng High (Main) — 03:42.65
8th St. Joseph’s Institution — 03:46.48

A Division Boys’ 4x400m Relay Results
1st Anglo-Chinese Junior College — 03:23.68
2nd Hwa Chong Institution — 03:24.14
3rd Raffles Institution — 03:26.40
4th Catholic Junior College — 03:30.61
5th National Junior College — 03:33.86
6th Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) — 03:34.48
7th Victoria Junior College — 03:37.22
8th St. Andrew’s Junior College — 03:48.30

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