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Leroi Lee of Nan Hua High heads down the final stretch alone on his way to winning the B Division category. (Photo 1 © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Bedok Reservoir Park, Wednesday, March 27, 2013 — Leroi Lee of Nan Hua High claimed the B Division gold at the 54th National Schools Cross Country Championships when he ran the 4.3-kilometre route in a time of 14 minutes 5 seconds.

Leroi Lee also topped his category at the SAA, Swift and Wings Cross Country meets in the lead up to the nationals.

Leroi finished 15 seconds ahead of Shohib Marican of Raffles Institution who clocked 14:20 to come in second. Dhashman Thangavela of Regent Secondary was third in a time of 14:28.

“Well I stuck to Shohib and Thineshwaran for the first kilometer as they started with a good pace. After which I took the lead all the way until the end!” recounted Leroi.

“It was a good race for me. I’ve always wanted to compete in the B Boys category and run this race ever since I was Sec 2,” he added.

When quizzed on any difficulties he faced during the race, he said: “It was quite tiring and the hot weather made it worse. I almost felt like collapsing when I crossed the finishing line.”

Leroi Lee will compete in the 1,500- and 3,000-metre races at the upcoming National Schools Track and Field Championships.

“I’m looking to win the 3,000m race and hopefully get a podium finish in the 1,500m event,” said the gold medallist.

Dhashman Thangavela managed to snatch the bronze medal from Thineshwaran of Bendemeer Secondary over the final 100 m. The Regent runner started off the race by following his teammate but soon broke away in the early stage of the race to chase the leading pack consisting of Leroi and Thineshwaran.

Shohib then overtook Dhashman, pushing him back to fourth position. In a final bid to challenge for the third place, Dhashman made a burst for the finishing line in the last 100 metres, beating Thineshwaran in the process.

“It was a tiring race for me. Plus I didn’t like the Bedok Reservoir circuit as I feel it’s too winding and filled with many bends,” said Dhashman.

When asked on any difficulties he faced during the race, he said: “The finishing during my race. I didn’t have enough energy to start my burst earlier.”

Dhashman will also be competing in the National Inter School Track and Field Championships in the 800m and 1,500m event. He will be hoping to go under two minutes for the 800m and below 4:20 for the 1,500m.

In the team event, Raffles Institution claimed the top spot with 21 points. The team, anchored by overall runner-up Shohib Marican, was made up of Tan Chong Qi (5th), Mohd Imran (6th) and Rahul Jayaprahba (8th).

St Joseph’s Institution were second with a score tally of 74 points. The team was made up of Edward Lee (11th), Aloysius Leong (16th), Glen Brian Palmer (20th) and Muhammad Hasif (27th).

In third place was Bendemeer Secondary with 84 points. The team was made up of Thineshwaran (4th), Ivan Consuelo Hong (9th), Lua Jian Hong (12th) and Adisak Chew (59th) with a time of 16:27.

Last but not least, Victoria School came in fourth with 102 points in total. The team consisted of Justing Thong (9th), Mandip Rai (19th), Daniel Yeo (30th; 15:42) and Derek Terrance Lee (36th; 15:52).

B Division Boys (Top 20)
1st Leroi Lee (#3209, Nan Hua High) — 14:05
2nd Shohib Marican (#3290, Raffles Institution) — 14:20
3rd Dhashman Thangavela (#3285, Regent) –14:28
4th Thineshwaran (#3043, Bendemeer) — 14:30
5th Tan Chong Qi (#3293, Raffles Institution) — 14:36
6th Mohamed Imran (#3292, Raffles Institution) — 14:36
7th Abdul Riyaz (#3299, Saint Andrew’s) — 14:46
8th Rahul Jayaprabha (#3294, Raffles Institution) — 14:49
9th Ivan Consuelo Hong (#3045, Bendemeer) — 14:57
10th Willy Lim (#3296, Raffles Institution) — 14:59
11th Edward Lee (#3306, St Joseph’s Institution) –15:02
12th Lua Jian Hong (#3039, Bendemeer) — 15:05
13th S Muruganathan (#3367, Woodlands Sec) — 15:10
14th Lee Zhong Kian (#3084, Catholic High) — 15:10
15th Ong Yao Jie (#3281, Queenstown) — 15:11
16th Aloysius Leong (#3304, St Joseph’s Institution) — 15:11
17th Justin Thong (#3355, Victoria) — 15:15
18th Teng Jian Ling (#3100, Commonwealth) — 15:15
19th Mandip Rai (#3359, Victoria) — 15:17
20th Glen Brian Palmer (#3309, St Joseph’s Institution) — 15:17

B Division Team Results (Top 4)
1st Raffles Institution — 21 points
2nd Shohib Marican (#3290) — 14:20
5th Tan Chong Qi (#3293) — 14:36
6th Mohamed Imran (#3292) — 14:36
8th Rahul Jayaprabha (#3294) — 14:49

2nd St Joseph’s Institution — 74 points
11th Edward Lee (#3306) — 15:02
16th Aloysius Leong (#3304) — 15:11
20th Glen Brian Palmer (#3309) — 15:17
27th Muhammad Hasif (#3307) — 15:35

3rd Bendemeer Secondary — 84 points
4th Thineshwaran (#3043) — 14:30
9th Ivan Consuelo Hong (#3045) — 14:57
12th Lua Jian Hong (#3039) — 15:05
59th Adisak Chiew (#3042) — 16:27

4th Victoria School — 102 points
17th Justin Thong (#3355) — 15:15
19th Mandip Rai (#3359) — 15:17
30th Daniel Yeo (#3360) — 15:42
36th Derek Terrance Lee (#3356) — 15:52

Complete Individual B Boys Results

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