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edgefield vs serangoon north zone b division basketball

Agas Francis Vincent Lucina (#7) of Edgefield on a fast break. Agas finished with 12 points. (Photo 1 © Les Tan/Red Sports)


Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday, January 25, 2013 – Edgefield Secondary beat Serangoon Secondary 46-22 for their second win in the North Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Tan See Kiat (#14) of Edgefield had a game-high 13 points while his teammate Agas Francis Vincent Lucina (#7) has 12. Raymond Low (#4) of Serangoon had a team-high 10 points.

Edgefield have a final Group 1 game against Yishun Secondary which will determine whether they move on to Round 2.

Still winless after three games, Serangoon’s captain, Don Lee Yang (#10), said: “We definitely will not advance to the second round. But we are using this as a platform to gain experience for our team.”

Edgefield took a 15-6 lead after the end of the first quarter. However, they were unable to continue scoring at will in the second quarter as Serangoon restricted them to seven points and matched them point for point.

Taking a 22-13 lead into the third quarter, Edgefield held Serangoon to just two points to outscore them 7-2 to lead 29-15 at the end of the third.

In the final quarter, Edgefield widened the gap further, outscoring Serangoon by a whopping 17-7 to win the game by a comfortable 46-22 score line.

Serangoon captain, Lee Yang, felt that his team played better than in previous games. Having expected a tough fight, Lee Yang said: “It was more for us to have team bonding and building team chemistry. They (Edgefield) were quite good in terms of stamina.”

Lee Yang also said that the game was a chance to for him and his teammates to hone their personal skills and gain competition experience.

Edgefield captain, Alvin Soh (#10) said: “It was a tough game. Though our team did well, we could have done better.”

Alvin realised that his team needed to train together more and have better communication in their defense.

In order to advance into Round 2, Edgefield have to beat Yishun next Friday, February 1st, 2013, at 1.10pm. Serangoon’s last game is against Anderson Secondary next Friday as well, at 4.40pm. Both games will be played at Singapore Basketball Centre.

Score by Quarters
Edgefield vs Serangoon
1st Q: 15-6
2nd Q: 7-7 (22-13)
3rd Q: 7-2 (29-15)
4th Q: 17-7 (46-22)

Top Scorers
Tan See Kiat (#14) – 13 points
Agas Francis Vincent Lucina (#7) – 12 points

Raymond Low Jia Hong (#4) – 10 points
Liang Guangrong (#14) – 3 points

Edgefield Roster
Teo Rue Hong (#4), Kok Yi Han (#5), Kenneth Goh Jing Wei (#6), Agas Francis Vincent Lucina (#7), Gan Jian Wei (#8), Bay Jia Hui Sylvester (#9), Alvin Soh Boon Liang (#10), Aloysius Ang (#11), Wong Dai Ying (#12), Ian Lim (#13), Tan See Kiat (#14), Heng Jing An (#15)

Serangoon Roster
Raymond Low Jia Hong (#4), Low Zhan Hao Nicky (#5), Jerard Tan Jin Heng (#6), Lai Chen Xi Melvin (#7), Zhuang Cexun Leroy (#8), Khunakorn Panwong (#9), Don Lee Yang (#10), Sengchanh Phouvanh (#11), Derrick Lim Chu Rui (#12), Teh Chee Fang (#13), Liang Guangrong (#14), Sean Tay Xian Yiong (#15)

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