duric avramovic suzuki cup

Singapore coach Raddy Avramovic (right) and Aleksandar Duric with the ASEAN Football Federation Championship trophy. (Photo courtesy of World Sport Group)


Singapore head coach Radojko Avramovic confirmed his retirement after his team beat Thailand 3-2 on aggregate in the two-legged ASEAN Football Championship (AFF Suzuki Cup) final.

“Yes it is going to end tonight. I have many happy memories. I must say I was lucky because from 2003 (when he started the job) I had absolutely great support from all the people I was working with. Thanks to all of them. I do not think one man can do all this (by himself). In the end it is the players who have done us all proud and I am very proud that I was their coach,” said Raddy on the affsuzukicup.com website.

Raddy, who took on the head coach job in July 2003, won three ASEAN titles — 2005, 2007, 2012 — during his nine years in the hot seat.

Under Raddy’s charge, the Singapore full national squad won 24 (44.4%), drew 13 (24.1%) and lost 27 (50%) of its competitive matches.

Singapore's Record under Raddy Avramovic

Raddy Avramovic was Singapore's head coach from 2003 to 2012. Only international tournament matches involving the national open team were considered for this table. All friendlies were left out.

Singapore Football Results (National Open Squad)

Friendlies are not included.

World Cup Qualifiers = Asian qualifying rounds. Prelim = preliminary round group. ASEAN C'ship = ASEAN Football Championship (aka Suzuki Cup from 2008 onwards, Tiger Cup before that); ATTN = Attendance; Nat Stad = old National Stadium at Kallang that has been torn down.

Singapore's 1-0 victory over Thailand on Nov 18, 2009 in the Asian Cup qualifiers was the first time in 48 years that we had won in Bangkok.

SEA Games became an U-23 tournament from 2001 onwards.
AFF Suzuki Cup
Nov 25Singapore1Indonesia2
Nov 22Thailand1Singapore0
Nov 19Philippines0Singapore0
World Cup/Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 29Round 2Afghanistan2Singapore124,500Tehran
World Cup/Asian Cup Qualifiers
Nov 17Round 2Singapore1Syria27,468National Stadium
Nov 12Round 2Singapore0Japan333,868National Stadium
Oct 13Round 2Singapore2Cambodia16,850National Stadium
Oct 8Round 2Singapore1Afghanistan05,400National Stadium
Sept 3Round 2Syria1Singapore0100Oman
Jun 16Round 2Japan0Singapore057,533Saitama
Jun 11Round 2Cambodia0Singapore 463,000Phnom Penh
ASEAN C'ship
Nov 29PrelimSingapore1Malaysia348,183National Stadium
Nov 26PrelimMyanmar2Singapore424,000National Stadium
Nov 23PrelimSingapore1Thailand232,148 National Stadium
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 5Oman3Singapore1Oman
Feb 4Singapore1Jordan3Jln Besar
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Nov 15Syria4Singapore0Iran
Oct 15Singapore2Syria1Jln Besar
Aug 14Singapore0Oman25,849Jln Besar
Feb 6Jordan 4Singapore02,004Amman
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 222nd Leg FinalThailand1Singapore020,000Supachalasai
Dec 191st Leg FinalSingapore3Thailand17,500Jln Besar
Dec 122nd Leg Semi-FinalSingapore1Philippines07,500Jln Besar
Dec 81st Leg Semi-FinalPhilippines0Singapore013,000Rizal Memorial
Dec 11st RdSingapore4Laos3Shah Alam
Nov 281st RdIndonesia1Singapore0Bukit Jalil
Nov 251st RdMalaysia0Singapore3Bukit Jalil
World Cup Qualifiers
Feb 293rd RdIraq7Singapore1Doha
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 153rd RdSingapore0China45,474Jln Besar
Nov 113rd RdJordan2Singapore019,000Amman
Oct 113rd RdSingapore0Jordan33,799Jln Besar
Sept 63rd RdSingapore0Iraq25,505Jln Besar
Sept 23rd RdChina2Singapore117,000Kunming
Jul 282nd RdMalaysia1Singapore190,000Bukit Jalil
Jul 232nd RdSingapore5Malaysia36,000Jln Besar
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 2PrelimSingapore1Philippines1Hanoi
Dec 5PrelimSingapore2Myanmar1Hanoi
Dec 8PrelimVietnam1Singapore040,000Hanoi
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Mar 4PrelimJordan2Singapore117,000Amman
Jan 6PrelimSingapore1Iran37,356National Stadium
Nov 18PrelimThailand0Singapore130,000Bangkok
Nov 14PrelimSingapore1Thailand322,183National Stadium
Jan 28PrelimSingapore2Jordan16,188National Stadium
Jan 14PrelimIran6Singapore03,000Tehran
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 212nd Leg SFSingapore0Vietnam155,000National Stadium
Dec 171st Leg SFVietnam0Singapore040,000Hanoi
Dec 9PrelimIndonesia0Singapore250,000Jakarta
Dec 7PrelimSingapore3Myanmar121,000Jakarta
Dec 5PrelimSingapore5Cambodia018,000Jakarta
World Cup Qualifiers
Jun 223rd RdLebanon1Singapore2500Beirut
Jun 143rd RdSingapore0Saudi Arabia223,000National Stadium
Jun 73rd RdUzbekistan1Singapore012,867Tashkent
Jun 23rd RdSingapore3Uzbekistan728,750National Stadium
Mar 263rd RdSingapore2Lebanon010,118National Stadium
Feb 63rd RdSaudi Arabia2Singapore010,000Riyadh
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 182nd RdTajikistan1Singapore121,500Dushanbe
Nov 9 2nd RdSingapore2Tajikistan06,606National Stadium
Oct 281st RdSingapore3Palestine0no show
Oct 81st RdPalestine0Singapore475Doha
ASEAN C'ship
Feb 42nd Leg FinalThailand1Singapore140,000Bangkok
Jan 311st Leg FinalSingapore2Thailand155,000National Stadium
Jan 272nd Leg SFSingapore1(5)Malaysia1(4)55,000National Stadium
Jan 231st Leg SFMalaysia1Singapore140,000Shah Alam
Jan 17PrelimSingapore2Indonesia213,819National Stadium
Jan 15PrelimSingapore11Laos05,224National Stadium
Jan 13PrelimSingapore0Vietnam020,000National Stadium
Asian Cup Qualifiers
Oct 11PrelimIraq4Singapore23,000UAE
Sept 6PrelimSingapore0China039,000National Stadium
Aug 16PrelimChina1Singapore027,000Tianjin
Mar 1PrelimPalestine1Singapore01,000Amman
ASEAN C'ship
Jan 162nd Leg FinalSingapore2Indonesia155,000National Stadium
Jan 81st Leg FinalIndonesia1Singapore3Jakarta
Jan 22nd Leg SFSingapore4Myanmar2
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 291st L SFMyanmar3Singapore4KL
Dec 15PrelimSingapore3Cambodia0Hai Phong
Dec 13PrelimSingapore6Laos2Hanoi
Dec 9PrelimSingapore0Indonesia0Ho Chi Minh
Dec 7PrelimSingapore1Vietnam1Ho Chi Minh
World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 172nd RdJapan1Singapore058,881Saitama
Oct 132nd RdSingapore2India03,609Jln Besar
Sept 82nd RdSingapore0Oman24,000Jln Besar
Jun 92nd RdOman7Singapore02,000Muscat
Mar 312nd RdSingapore1Japan26,000Jln Besar
Feb 182nd RdIndia1Singapore028,000Margao
ASEAN C'ship
Dec 22PrelimSingapore1Thailand120,000National Stadium
Dec 20PrelimSingapore2Laos1National Stadium
Dec 18PrelimSingapore0Malaysia445,000National Stadium
World Cup Qualifiers
Feb 271st RdKyrgyzstan1Singapore125,099Kuwait
Feb 241st RdBahrain2Singapore0800Kuwait
Feb 211st RdKuwait1Singapore012,099Kuwait
Feb 91st RdSingapore1Bahrain225,000National Stadium
Feb 61st RdSingapore1Kuwait112,000National Stadium
Feb 31st RdSingapore0Kyrgyzstan125,000National Stadium
ASEAN C'ship
Nov 13PrelimSingapore0Malaysia1Songkhla
Nov 11PrelimSingapore0Vietnam1Songhkla
Nov 9PrelimSingapore3Laos0Songkhla
Nov 5PrelimSingapore1Cambodia0Songkhla
SEA Games
Aug 143rd/4thSingapore0 (2)Indonesia0 (4)3,000Brunei
Aug 12Semi-FinalSingapore0Thailand28,000Brunei
Aug 9PrelimSingapore2Cambodia0300Brunei
Aug 6PrelimSingapore1Indonesia12,000Brunei
Aug 4PrelimSingapore3Brunei1Brunei
Jul 31PrelimSingapore2Malaysia12,000Brunei
ASEAN C'ship
Sept 5FinalSingapore1Vietnam025,000Hanoi
Sept 3Semi-FinalSingapore2Indonesia17,000Ho Chi Minh
Aug 30PrelimSingapore4Laos115,000Hanoi
Aug 28PrelimSingapore0Vietnam015,000Hanoi
Aug 26PrelimSingapore2Malaysia05,000Hanoi
World Cup Qualifiers
Jun 51st RdKuwait4Singapore0Kuwait
May 241st RdSingapore1Lebanon2National Stadium
Apr 261st RdSingapore0Kuwait1National Stadium
Apr 131st RdLebanon1Singapore1Beirut
ASEAN C'ship
Sept 10PrelimSingapore0Thailand142,000National Stadium
Sept 6PrelimSingapore3Philippines012,000National Stadium
Sept 4PrelimSingapore3Brunei08,400National Stadium
Sept 1PrelimSingapore1Malaysia17,500National Stadium