Somewhere near Holland Village, Saturday, September 15, 2012 — Here at Red Sports, We have run internship programmes since 2008 and every year, we take some time off to celebrate the work put in by our young and talented Red Crew.

Here, in their own words, are some of the best memories they’ve had in their time spent covering sports on this little island we call home.

chong ng red sports

Chong Ng: “My best memory is shooting Maria Sharapova in 2007. I didn’t have a close up shot of her and she was leaving the court already. Then I just shout lah: ‘“Maria!’ Then she turned around. So I shoot lah. But I don’t know where’s the picture now!” (Photo by Soh Rui Yong)

rachel yip red sports

Rachel Yip: “My best memory is covering Fajar Secondary (C Div basketball), because before the match, we knew both teams were going out. It was just a bottom-of-the-table clash. But then, they totally blew my mind. They were quite interesting to watch. The kids were so cute. Then by the evening, when the picture came out, they were demanding for the article. I was so pressured to write it. But it was a joy to write, because there was so much to write. The team had only 8 people.” Ed’s note: There was a tremendous reaction to the Fajar story on Facebook too: We are all boys of Fajar (Photo by Chong Ng)

gan yu neng red sports

Gan Yu Neng: “I like talking to the players on Twitter, and I like listening. And I just realised if I follow one, I have to follow all of them. I started following just the captains of the school. Then I followed the star players, who are the ones who usually do the scoring. It’s just nice to know before a match, all the kids are wishing each other ‘good luck’.
Presbyterian High, Ahmad Ibrahim, North Vista and Unity – all cheering each other on, even though they were competing against each other. It’s more important to them that they support their friends.” (Photo by Chong Ng)

Rebecca Yip: “Interviewing the Damai rugby team. The Damai captain was given DSA places in St Andrew’s and ACSI. But he didn’t take them up because he wanted to stay with his coach in Damai out of loyalty. For my first basketball article involving Westwood, a teacher commented: ‘Hi Rebecca, I think what you’re doing is really good to encourage school sports. I commend your effort.’ Another favourite memory is National boys’ C Div bball final — it was really intense. Dunman had a 10-point lead, then they lost it and Cat High won by 2 points. I was so glad I didn’t have to write so I could just watch!” (Photo by Chong Ng)

stefanus ian red sports

Stefanus Ian: “In 2011, the Lion City Cup came back. I covered SIngapore in the first match. SIngapore were losing 3-1. I had my first chunk of the story ready to go. I’m ready with my lede paragraph, then last minute, Singapore scored 3 and won 4-3. Sazali, the TNP reporter was jumping up and down and shaking the another guy. It was really funny. The atmosphere was just amazing.” (Photo by Chong Ng)

soh rui yong red sports

Soh Rui Yong: “The day I came to Uncle Les’ place. I always wanted to find out about sports journalism. Two areas I was interested in: sports is one, journalism is another. Thanks to Colin, I got to know about Red Sports. I contacted him and he invited me down. And since then I never looked back. It was very special for me. When I came here I didn’t know what Red Sports is about. Everyone here is so committed to a common cause, so motivated, and everyone was doing it on a volunteer basis. It was very inspiring for me, because I thought people don’t really care about sports in Singapore. If there are so many people committed to making sports big in Singapore, what right have I got to complain. It was a very special day for me.” (Photo by Chong Ng)

joseph lee red sports

Joseph Lee: “B Division basketball. The school convenors in the North Zone were very nice. They recognised who I was. They would ask whether I need scores and whatever. During the finals, they blocked up the court. Only certain people could go in. The convener said, ‘OK, I escort you in,’ opened the blockade to let me in, ask me if I was comfortable.” (Photo by Chong Ng)

red crew group

Back row (left to right): Colin Tung, Stefanus Ian, Joseph Lee, Gan Yu Neng, Leslie Tan, Erwin Wong. Front row (left to right): Rebecca Yip, Rachel Yip, Vanessa Lim