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C division South zone basketball final (4)

Jayne Chan (CHIJ #12) maneuvering through the SCGS defense. She finished with a game-high 25 points. (Photo 1 © Vanessa Lim/Red Sports)


Jurong East Sports Hall, Wednesday, July 25, 2012 — Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) overcame CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) 75-41 to win the final of the South Zone C Division Basketball Championship.

The first quarter saw SCGS generally better positioned to catch rebounds, which gave them several opportunities to score even when they missed. This was quite crucial as they were lacking in accuracy at the start of the game. In addition CHIJ’s defense put little pressure on the SCGS shooters.

On the other hand, SCGS played a tight defense from the very start. They were able to stop CHIJ from advancing by intercepting the ball mid-court. Moreover, whenever a CHIJ player attempted to score, she would find herself surrounded by at least three SCGS defenders, making it difficult to make a shot.

However, this strategy would later cause SCGS to commit too many fouls, leading to a penalty situation. This gave CHIJ multiple chances to catch up through free throws.

Despite SCGS’ early lead, CHIJ were able to catch up and end the quarter trailing only by three at 14-19. This was mostly due to their top scorer, Jayne Chan (#12), who had a game-high 25 points. In spite of her small size, she was a daring player, always willing to take risks in an attempt to score.

SCGS appeared rather frantic at the start of the second quarter, missing their shots. They soon found their form, though, and proceeded to outscore CHIJ 20-9 in the quarter to take a 16-point, 39-23 lead into the half-time break.

Most of the action in the third quarter took place in CHIJ’s side of the court. Bernice Yeo (#4) stood out in this quarter for SCGS, showing her ability to score rather effortlessly under pressure. The sharp shooter scored most of the time she attempted a shot, to help SCGS maintain a 56-33 lead at the end of the third.

Both teams went for it in the last quarter. Due to their tendency to swarm the attacking player, SCGS maxed out on the number of team fouls, which gave CHIJ several opportunities at free throws. However, SCGS continued to dominate possession of the ball, and limited the game to CHIJ’s side of the court.

Jayne Chan (#12) of CHIJ collided with two SCGS players during the final quarter and was sent sprawling across the ground. Despite this and an injury she had obtained in the third quarter, she continued playing, waving off her other teammates. However, her injury had notable effect on her form.

Her CHIJ teammates were also by now looking tired and weary compared to their SCGS counterparts. Even so, they still fought hard till the end, and never gave up despite being down by 30 points for most of the quarter.

Said Jayne Chan (#12) of CHIJ: “We put in all our effort and our hard work paid off. Even though we didn’t win, we had really good teamwork and sportsmanship, and we did our best. Even if we lost, it doesn’t matter, we’re still very happy. We still have nationals.”

“In the beginning, we were a bit tense,” said Rachel Mok (#6), the vice-captain of SCGS.

“It took a while to get used to it,” added her captain, Ong Li Ping (#15). “But our endurance was good, and we didn’t rush the game.”

“Throughout the game, we did our best. We kept our attitude the same throughout. Even though we were leading, we still had the same attitude. We weren’t complacent,” added Rachel.

The National Championship may hold some surprises for SCGS.

“Not sure [who our main competitors are in Nationals]. We haven’t played with some of the schools yet,” admitted Li Ping.

“But no matter who we play with, we still have to have the same attitude while playing,” said Rachel.

Raffles Girls’ School (RGS) finished third in the South Zone when they beat St. Margaret’s Secondary 50-16.

RGS and St. Margaret’s will also move on to the National Championship with SCGS and CHIJ.

Score by Quarter
1st Q: 19-14
2nd Q: 20-9 (39-23)
3rd Q: 17-10 (56-33)
4th Q: 19-8
Final Score: 75-41

Top Scorers

Janissa Saurin (#12) – 16 points
Charmaine Koh (#13) – 14 points
Bernice Yeo (#4) – 12 points

Jayne Chan Jing Yi (#12) – 25 points
Desiree Lee Si Qi (#4) – 9 points
Liew Yu Wen, Rachel (#7) – 7 points

SCGS Roster
Bernice Yeo (#4), Tiana Ng (#5), Rachel Mok (#6), Carisia Lee (#7), Lim Yin Yan (#8), Ceres Suwe (#9), Sophia Ang (#10), Low Yi Xuan (#11), Janissa P. Saurin (#12), Charmaine Koh (#13), Sevilla Chea (#14), Ong Li Ping (#15)

CHIJ Roster
Desiree Lee Si Qi (#4), Anjou Ang Xing (#5), Jevonne Liew Jia Wen (#6), Liew Yu Wen, Rachel (#7), Cordelia Te Rong Theresa (#8), Lois Ng Le Yi (#9), Nigelle Leo Yuwen (#10), Tai Jia Wen, Yvonne (#11), Jayne Chan Jing Yi (#12), Marriott See Yi Wei (#13), Cheong Jamie (#14), Clara Teo Yu Ching (#15)

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